Masquerade 2022 Recording

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Masquerade 2022 Recording

Post by SisterOfScarletDevil »

Hello folks!

I realize this is very late in things. But I’ve been keeping an eye on YouTube for a few months now with no luck so I thought to ask here. Did anyone manage to get a recording of the Masquerade? Or at least some of the skits? I have friends who wanted to see my group’s performance but we haven’t found any footage from any audience members online yet.

Thanks in advance!
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Re: Masquerade 2022 Recording

Post by Victablook »

NorfKhazad on YouTube confirmed he went to the cosplay events and recorded everything. No confirmation as to when he'll upload them unfortunately.
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Re: Masquerade 2022 Recording

Post by Goldfish221 »

I've been looking for this as well. It sounded like Anime Boston doesn't formally secure someone to record cosplay events such as Masquerade and its a fan volunteer thing. (At least that's what I got from discord, I could be misunderstanding).

Maybe that would be a good suggestion for future masquerades to have someone officially dedicated to just recording and post AB events. Otakon had their masquerade video up within 2-3 days after the event.

Also photo suite lost a bunch of photos into the neithervoid so seeing the masquerade video is really the only way to see some of our costumes in action now.

Either way hope the video comes up soon. <3
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Re: Masquerade 2022 Recording

Post by NorfKhazad »

Yeah sorry about that I've been kind of slacking on getting the videos up this year. The Deathmatch and Lip Sync Battle videos are up now, I just need to finish editing, rendering and uploading Masq and Chess.
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