Qualifying series and shows for Anime Boston Cosplay Events

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Qualifying series and shows for Anime Boston Cosplay Events

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To all potential Cosplay Event participants:

Historically, there has been confusion around our policy regarding cosplays in official events (e.g. Masquerade, Cosplay Games, Idol Showcase). We would like to clarify what types of costumes are eligible to participate in our events.

We want to remind all of our cosplayers that these guidelines do not apply if you’re planning on walking around the halls. We love seeing stormtroopers, My Little Pony cosplays, and She-ra costumes - it’s part of what makes convention culture great! The following guidelines ONLY apply if you plan on participating in official Anime Boston events.

We feel this allows us to remain true to the convention’s mission statement, while incorporating the interests of our attendee base.

What cosplays are permitted in official Anime Boston cosplay events?

Per the convention’s mission statement, we can accept cosplays that originate from:
  • Japanese media or culture (e.g. Pokemon, Final Fantasy VII, Sakizo designs)
  • Adaptations of Japanese material (e.g. Netflix’s Voltron and Castlevania, Donkey Kong Country)
  • Japanese adaptations of foreign material (e.g. Star Wars: Visions, PowerPuff Girls Zed, Crunchyroll Webtoon anime)
  • Non-Japanese media that has been ruled to be sufficiently inspired by Japanese media and culture in terms of both concept and style
:!: Examples are available on our updated Cosplay FAQ - https://animeboston.com/cosplay/cosplay_faq/#53

Are there any exceptions to this criteria?

The number of permitted costumes will vary across events (see below for guidelines).

Craftsmanship-only participants MUST adhere to the criteria guidelines.
Performance entries may incorporate cameos of characters that do not meet the criteria guidelines on a case-by-case basis, upon approval from the Masquerade Coordinator.

For example, a “Hell’s Kitchen” parody skit that uses Gordon Ramsay as part of a joke may be acceptable. We still require the majority of your characters to meet the criteria.

Please contact the coordinator ahead of time to verify whether or not your idea would fall within our allowances.

Cosplay Games:
Death Match and Chess are permitted 1 or 2 participants in cosplays that do not meet the criteria.

For all other events, characters that do not meet the criteria are limited to brief cameos or small on-stage gags at the event coordinator’s discretion.

What this means: You MAY apply as a character that does not meet the criteria, but your chances of being accepted will be much better if your character does meet the criteria. If you have any questions, feel free to reach out to the Cosplay Games Coordinator.
Alison Bird
Assistant Director of Programming 2022
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