Who will YOU be at AB 2022

You don't need to be in costume to post in this cosplay forum... but sometimes it helps.
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Who will YOU be at AB 2022

Post by Redwillowhearts »

Well folks the time has finally come. Oh how I have waited for this moment. Who will YOU be at AB 2022?
My tentative lineup
Friday- Miya from Sk8 The Infinity
Saturday- Katrina from Animal Crossing and Lysithea or Byleth from Fire Emblem Three Houses
Sunday- Oscar from RWBY
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Re: Who will YOU be at AB 2022

Post by Goldfish221 »

Heyo! My plans for AB 2022 is,

Friday - Lady Nagant (My Hero Academia) 80% Done

Saturday - Jeanne D'Arc Alter (FGO) Big question for this costume will be "will the lancer pass prop inspection?" cause I wanna make it 7ish feet tall :P 60% done

Sunday - Ritsu (Fire Force) 20% done

Sunday's costume may change between now and con time, but Friday and Saturday are pretty much set in stone.
~Anime Boston 2022 Cosplay Line Up~

Jeanne D'arc Alter - Fate Grand Order
Ritsu - Fire Force
Lady Nagant - My Hero Academia
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Re: Who will YOU be at AB 2022

Post by LovelyLittleLucy »

Hey guys! Ya'll have no idea how hyped I am for AB 2022! Here's some ideas that I had for cosplay:

Friday - Monokuma from Danganrompa

Satuday - Manuela or Flayn from FE3H

Sunday - Princess Daisy from Mario or Lumine from Genshin Impact

Honestly, Monokuma's the only one that I have set in stone. I've been on the hunt for the other cosplays, but I can't wait to see every else's!
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Re: Who will YOU be at AB 2022

Post by Lino »

I've got a lot of Technoblade variants but I'm gonna refrain from doing Antarctic Empire cuz it's gonna be May, so it's gonna be hot, and that's a lot of layers :/

Might wear Philza, but I'm debating on bringing him or not, because I'm traveling by car all the way from Tennessee... I don't want to wreck my wings or get them stepped on at AB. They drag on the floor man, I'm not even kiddin'.

Might do Denki Kaminari? Might do Dream? Might do Umbreon? That's if any of those are ready by then and if they do well enough at MTAC. (shrugs)

I've got a lot of months to plan and get things done, here's to hoping con crunch isn't going to be occurring on the 18 hour drive to AB.

All I know is everyone's going to look amazing at AB. TTUTT
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Re: Who will YOU be at AB 2022

Post by Kashimalin »

For a return to conventions after so long, part of me feels inclined to just wear no cosplay for AB2022. However, I am also working on a costume now and have my most recently-completed one to wear to a convention. So if I had any type of schedule, it would probably be...

Friday - Leif from Bug Fables (if I finish it in time...!)
Saturday - Ray Blackwell from Ikemen Revolution
Sunday - plain clothes and comfy shoes!!
Also known as Kashi Cosplay. Currently sewing: Leif from Bug Fables.
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Re: Who will YOU be at AB 2022

Post by coffeecake »

I had planned on being Portia from the mobile game The Arcana in 2020 but never got to. I've gained a bit of weight since then and I'm worried it might not fit well (if at all) by May if I can't start losing a little of this pandemic weight.

However I plan on doing just that so if I'm successful then I'll go as Portia after all.

I have a cosplay for a strawberry cow completed for another convention. Might take that one to AB as well.
Anime Boston 2022 lineup (not final):
Portia (The Arcana)
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Re: Who will YOU be at AB 2022

Post by Nara1625 »

I have a nice Sonia from Pokemon cosplay, and Lady Love Dies from Paradise Killer...

but I've been having trouble with wigs and masks, due to the fact that I wear glasses, and the wig and mask combo fogs them up pretty badly.

So I might do those two, I might just do comfy streets for the whole con!

I might also be a Bakubabe (Wig and my Bakugo hat, with a general "babe" aesthetic. AKA a Fan of Bakugou)
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Re: Who will YOU be at AB 2022

Post by labyrinth »

friday- diamond from land of the lustrous
saturday- utatane piko from vocaloid
sunday-- might not go that day but rena ryuugu from higurashi if so
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Re: Who will YOU be at AB 2022

Post by AkuAlva »

Well I have decided to go as

Reki from Sk8 the Infinity~
Heine Wittgenstein from The Royal Tutor
Nie Huaisang from Mo Dao Zu Shi <3 (MDZS)
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