Shout Outs! 2024

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Shout Outs! 2024

Post by Master of NERV »

Shout out to the tall young man in the elf ears and white wig who helped a clueless old boomer (Yours Truly) set up the guidebook app on my iPhone.

Also, to the vendor who saw the old-school anime pins on my white vest (some over 20 years old) and gave me a Sakura pin to add to the collection.
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Re: Shout Outs! 2024

Post by Anna-neko »

shout-out to the person in dealer's room who liked my cats-themed bag, and also had a Hokusai tattoo with a Squirtle riding that wave! Excellent lil art chat, mah dude

Much love to all the frills-wearing lolitas who talked pretty prints with me! May your petticoats never 'deflate' & remain this fluffy!
bonus extra luv to the lolita-chan working a booth. Thanx for letting me fix your apron ties, and gushing about blouses & bloomers fabric with me

the super-adorable Isabelle & Daisy Mae cosplayers - the perfect ray of sunshine! I will treasure these recipe cards forever

Manga Library - excellent as ever

SwapMeet peeps - so how 'bout that lights failure on Friday, yeah? Got some excellent loot, hope everyone else made out like bandits too!

and of course, to all the usual suspects nerds only see during this con. You're great, I'm so glad we got to hang out for a bit, can't wait to do it again next year ~♥
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Re: Shout Outs! 2024

Post by Tai Tieu »

Shout out to the person that gave me a tiny plastic mushroom on my first ever shift, and tell me not to eat it. And also to the one that gave me a tiny 3d printed kirby on my last shift, yous made my days.
Shout out to the veryyyy understandable attendees who got past year sticker on their badges that got me to told them to stand to the side because I didn't get that registration ran out of pink sticker.
Shout out to my wonderful security team, and to all the staffers from inside out that I worked with, and the other security provider boss? whom was very professional, this is my first ever year to AB and they made it unforgettable.
Shout out to my legs, sit for 30s after standing for hours was steps from hell.
..bye for now, until my legs hurt again...
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Re: Shout Outs! 2024

Post by Penti »

Shoutouts to
  • Touhou Road Shou, for bringing back the Touhou corner of the arcade. I had a lot of fun playing there over the weekend, and even beat Perfect Cherry Blossom as Marisa.
  • Whomever supplied the other arcade games. That table-flipping game was amazing.
  • The guy that was at the table next to my friend and I during the swap meet on Saturday. He was really cool, and remembered seeing us last year.
  • The Manga Library; was a nice way to pass some time in a quiet spot, and catch up on the Pokémon manga.
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Re: Shout Outs! 2024

Post by Kazutoification »

Shout-outs to:
  • Freddie and co. of the formal and semi-formal charity ball events who helped hopeless dancers (like me) gain enough base-line dance moves to have the confidence to even get on the dance stage
  • The folks running the karaoke room, especially when they sang. Woo!
  • The folks who visit the karaoke room, like George, B. Deggs, and klover (to name a few), as well as the many others who give off the best supportive and positive vibes. Ya'll should've seen all of the glow sticks.
  • Hayley, who performed a duet with me in the karaoke room. We sang Maji Love 1000% from Uta no Prince-sama.
  • The people in the tabletop gaming area who played Magic: The Gathering (Commander) with me, as well as being very helpful to an absolute novice (like myself. I only really started playing last week at PAX East!). One of them is a voice actor whose presence is now in Cristina Vee's radar, you know who you are!
  • aznman08, kami, and schnee from Discord! You know who you are. ;)
  • Joseph and Mia. Us three were just a bunch of randos that happened to meet at the formal ball event. And then we met others, like Amber, Sydney, Khiel, Sofie, and the list goes on. Discord pals!
  • The various people who were super excited to see my Kage (from Ranking of Kings) cosplay and wanted a picture!
  • Christina, you know who you are!
  • Ang, a would-be companion, but our paths never crossed!
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Re: Shout Outs! 2024

Post by Sayoria »

Shout out to all my fellow AMV editors. Great show as always!
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