Anime Boston 2023 Photos Thread!

This forum is for sharing photos, videos, reports, and finding people from Anime Boston 2023.

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Anime Boston 2023 Photos Thread!

Post by Eri Kagami »

Hello Idols!

Have you found your spotlight?

Here are my photos from all 3 days of Anime Boston. Our con report and podcast is coming soon. Just needing some time to recover...

Day 1: ... 0765855207

Day 2: ... 8002521150

Day 3: ... 2132520737
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Re: Anime Boston 2023 Photos Thread!

Post by Sayoria »

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Re: Anime Boston 2023 Photos Thread!

Post by shrikecosplays »

Does anyone have any pictures from the Saturday Chainsaw Man meetup?
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Re: Anime Boston 2023 Photos Thread!

Post by Ficus »

I was Todd from New Pokemon Snap on Friday, Creamy Mami in orange jumper on Saturday, and blue staffshirt/red happi coat Sunday.
If you think I took your picture, check out the album: HERE

All models in photos can do what they wish with their own photos, I claim no rights. If you want a pic deleted for any reason, message me and I'll remove it.
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Re: Anime Boston 2023 Photos Thread!

Post by AnnaNeko »

went to thing, took some snaps! You may have seen me in very Maid outfit or the lolita excited about her bubbletea-printed dress also having cats!

anyway, have some photos ... 0308104457
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why, yes, I have been goin to this con since day 1. Wanna brain-break on the age math?
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