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Last year I went to sit in on a panel I enjoyed which was in the same genre as my own.

Often I wonder if I do a decent job presenting panels, I have had so many hiccups and bad panels.

But I heard in this panel people looking forward to mine. And even the panel host implored others to stay for mine - he didn't know i was in the room yet. So to all the new/aspiring panelists, I hope you stick with it. Might take awhile to find the topics you love presenting, but when you do, it is rewarding. I hope all your submissions went well. I think naming a panel is the hardest part!

Once I had a panel where my laptop died - but I found my niche and not only carried on, but went well over time. it was the last panel of the evening so they didn't mind letting us go over that year.

Don't forget, you haven't had a real disaster until the fire alarm empties your panel, then you're told you could stay and keep present. If you give a presentation as the automated evacuation order plays in the background behind you, you can do anything after that. So keep going!
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