Anime Boston 2020 Panel Topic Suggestions

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Anime Boston 2020 Panel Topic Suggestions

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Hello all,
In addition to accepting panel applications on topics that revolve around anime and Japanese Culture, the Anime Boston Programming team will also be looking for panel applications on the following topics for the Anime Boston 2020 year. Please also post any topics you would like to see at Anime Boston 2020. Please remember the Anime Boston Panel Application Deadline is 01/31/2020, so submit an panel applications at
Thank You,
Panels Team 2020

Panel Topics Anime Boston 2020

Japanese Anime Studios - Panels that focus on Japanese Anime Studios (ex. Studio Bones, Kyoto Animation, Toei Animation, etc.)

Japanese Bento Boxes- This is our theme for the Anime Boston 2020 Year

Fan Voice Actor Panels - Panels that revolve around voice actors and famous people in Anime.

Anime Community- Cosplay Communities, Gundam Building Communities, Lolita Communities, etc.

My Hero Academia Panels - Fan panels geared towards exploring the My Hero Academia world.

Adult Anime Panels - Adult entertainment that is not limited to hentai. Anime panels geared towards diving into adult experiences that are portrayed in Anime.
Nayan J. Naidoo
Assistant Panels Manager Anime Boston 2019
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