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Building and Painting Plastic Models (2019)

Posted: Sat Apr 13, 2019 2:08 am
by tetsujin
Hey everybody (everybody who still uses web forums, at least)! Looks like my panel is on again for this year: Building and Painting Plastic Models, 2019

Presently the panel is scheduled for Saturday night, 8:30 PM, in Hynes 309. But as always, that is subject to change, so check the schedule at the con for any updates!

I will be covering the basics, but my plan is to dedicate most of the presentation to discussion of what's beyond that - the building and finishing techniques that turn a basic build into a really unique and distinctive one.

I'll have some of my work on display in the art show again this year - I'd like to encourage you to come check it out, maybe bring something of your own if you have something you'd like to show. I find it easier and more meaningful to discuss techniques in the context of an actual project, and viewing the models in the art show gives you more time to see what there is to see - both the good and the bad. I want to encourage people to show and talk about work of their own at the panel, too: If you have a model you've built and you'd like to share it during the panel - Either bring it in, or put the pictures online. Internet's not always reliable at the con but I can probably load a page of pictures if you can give me a URL.

Also, if you're interested in model-making, you may also be interested in "Let's Build a Gundam", scheduled for 10 AM on Saturday in Sheraton Constitution B. I'm not associated with that panel but I'd like to support my fellow hobbyists in their efforts to teach people about the hobby.

Re: Building and Painting Plastic Models (2019)

Posted: Sat Apr 20, 2019 11:16 pm
by tetsujin
Hey, big thanks to everyone who joined us for the panel! I think there were some rough spots maybe but I think it went pretty well overall. I was a bit concerned that the beginner-type material went on for too long and I kind of ran out of time at the end, but when I opened it up to Q&A you guys had some good questions and I think that really helped bring it all together. I know people came into it with different levels of experience and different expectations and hopefully it was all good times. If you came to the panel (and you actually use web forums - I mean what is this, 2004?) let me know what you thought and I'll keep your advice in mind when I do the panel again in the future.

I have considered cutting it from the 90 minutes I did this year to 60 minutes, to make it easier to schedule. However, we really did use the full 90 minutes this time (and even went over by 15-20 minutes) and I think we used it well - so I'm not sure, maybe we gotta stick with the longer time, or maybe it should be two panels, one for the basics and one for the more advanced stuff. Not really sure. Feel free to weigh in if you have thoughts on this or other issues related to the panel.