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Kaiji Rock Paper Scissors tournament - Interest Gauge

Posted: Sun Dec 16, 2018 9:02 pm
by MechaHeretic
Hello! I am thinking of putting together a game panel based around an anime arc, that being Kaiji Ultimate Survivor. For those of you unaware, in a nutshell the series deals with the nature of gambling, as well as reading your opponent, through simplistic yet intense games.

The first arc of the show featured a Rock-Paper-Scissors survival tournament, where characters were each given 12 cards (4 of each of the types, Rock, Paper and Scissor), as well as 3 Stars. To play, characters would start by betting one of their stars. They would then place one of their cards face down. Rock Paper Scissors rules then applied, and the winner gained one star from the loser, and the cards that were played would then be disposed of. (If there was a draw, no stars would be lost or gained). The object of the tournament was to dispose of all 12 of your Rock Paper Scissors cards, as well as maintaining to hold 3 or more stars. Losing all of your stars, as well as losing all of your cards while only holding 2 or less stars resulted in disqualification (and a pretty harsh fate for the losers).

With this in mind, as well as the simplistic nature, I think it would be a blast to re-create this scene at Anime Boston in 2019. And so, I would really like to run a panel to recreate the event (perhaps remove the life and death scenario I'd suppose.) I wanted to just see if there would first off be any interest for it, as well as see if there would be anyone else interested in helping bring this game to life. Provided of course it would even get accepted as a panel for next year!

I'd like to try to make it essentially as it appeared in the anime, though perhaps under a small panel block as I can't see the game going on long. I'd also like to offer prizes to the first couple of people to successfully keep 3 stars. Most likely some volumes of Kaiji Volume 1 being released in January next year, or some other small prices. I definitely want to avoid an entrance fee and anything like that, so I'd intend to pay for things out of my own pocket. There will however probably need to be a set number of seats available due to prepping stuff ahead of time. I'm thinking no more than 50 people, but I'm honestly planning more for 30ish at most.

Would this be something you think would be worth submitting for Anime Boston 2019? Or if you'd like to help me with organization of it, please PM me! Thanks!

Re: Kaiji Rock Paper Scissors tournament - Interest Gauge

Posted: Sun Dec 30, 2018 4:24 pm
by THX1139
That's interesting. That's how Netflix's Original Kakegurvi anime starts out. The transfer student Yumeko Jabami is intense, she doesn't care about the money, only the gamble. It's on my list of recommended anime.

In your panel you need someone who is willing to bet when others would fold. Yumeko had a super memory, know the strategy of the game. She pushed herself beyond the technical to make it a game of luck.

Cheating was allowed to make gambling more challenging. If you could catch them cheating they would be humiliated. Lose social rating.

Think you could find some like Yumeko? Duplicate the intensity of the anime. Spectators would be biting their nails off.