"Who Cringed Last?!" feedback and video clip list

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"Who Cringed Last?!" feedback and video clip list

Post by DocWatson » Sat Mar 31, 2018 10:19 pm

Hi! I'm the audience member who at the end of the panel approached the panelists and asked that they post the list of sources of the video clips. Here’s what I’ve figured out on my own (the lists are in alphabetical order; the links are to Wikipedia or the Anime News Network, so they should be reasonably SFW):
All of the above have been commercially released in North America.

Did anyone else recognize any of the clips? Panelists: Would you please be so kind as to add to the above? Edit: And tell me the title of the prize's series?

Oh, and while the game was not what I expected from the title, I did enjoy it. (For those who weren’t there, see The Invisible Gorilla
for a clue as to the gameplay.)

Edit: I added Blue Gender to the list, and clarified my end comment.

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