Feedback: Zoku Natsume's Panel of Friends

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Feedback: Zoku Natsume's Panel of Friends

Post by peachy » Tue Apr 04, 2017 9:02 am

First of all, a HUGE thank you to my fellow panelists, the tech guy who helped me set up, and everyone who attended the panel. It's so heart-warming to see so many friends of Natsume.

Re-assessing the panel, here I some things I would like to address:
  • Correction on Season 6: it airs TUESDAY APRIL 11, not April 4 (I have been very excited on the new season and upped the premiere a week. I apologize.)
  • I apologize for the weird technical difficulty I had with the slideshow on auto. It did cut into the presentation itself.
  • This panel was presented at another con earlier this year, and ran longer. The panel this time had much time to spare. I believe I missed some content that I previously covered and spoke too fast. I will keep note of the timing. (Although, it was great having the audience engage with questions and fact-checking.)
Please comment if there was some information that was missed/needs to be corrected, and general feedback (improvement and otherwise).

This was my 2nd panel for Natsume's Book of Friends and I do hope to expand more on various topics. I debuted this panel at Katsucon, and someone mentioned a focus on youkai in the series. What else would you like to see?

(Shameless plug for my twitter if you would like to see Natsume updates/information (and my Natsume ramblings): @_peachxy )

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