Making myself available as a Co-Panelist or Advisor at AB2018

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Making myself available as a Co-Panelist or Advisor at AB2018

Post by Aurabolt » Sun Mar 26, 2017 9:36 pm

...Yes, I know it's a little wierd to be talking about AB2018 with AB2017 just 5 days away (LOL!).

I just want to put it out there I'm an experienced panelist at AB going back the last 5 years. Each year I did at least two panels, one of which was my Clannad panel some of you have probably at least heard about. On that note I'm taking a break from doing panels this year but I am open to playing a support role for anyone looking for an advisor or an extra person to work with on their panel. Even if it's just working the Powerpoint or running around with a wireless mike that's fine with me. Whatever you feel will help make your panel run a little smother ^_^

As for why I'm making this offer for next year, I don't want to impose on folks who are preparing for AB2017. That and like I said I'm taking a break from doing panels either as a lead panelist or co-panelist this year. I know all too well quite a bit of planning and preparation goes into doing a panel so...yeah.
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