Questions regarding 2017 panels

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Questions regarding 2017 panels

Post by meijinsan » Sun Jul 10, 2016 7:48 pm

Hi y'all!

I am interested in planning a panel for AB2017. Is there any way to get my hands on the submission application so that I may prepare for it?

I also was curious as to the limits of a panel, specifically regarding food. I am a professional cook and I would like to do a panel on Japanese food. I know all food safety guidelines that I need to follow in order to serve to the general public, etc. However, I am aware of fire code restrictions, etc. Not all cooking requires an open flame, and although it sounds like a 'this idea can go south very fast' plan, I am confident in my ability as a chef. Would serving food to a small size panel be feasible (or feast-able)?

I did get in trouble a few years back for doing a cooking papa cosplay at ctcon. I actually got asked to leave, as serving sandwiches and handing out free water was offsetting the convention prices to the point where I guess it became a problem. They couldn't fault me on my service; they sent around medical personnel that checked my service, and no issues there. After the head of security had a not so friendly chat with me, however, the hotel heard about my little stunt and offered me a free booth inside the hotel part of the convention, even gave me a table and more water to hand out. I would like to avoid all of this trouble again, I actually learn from my mistakes.

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Re: Questions regarding 2017 panels

Post by tehscribbles » Mon Jul 18, 2016 9:22 pm


I don't know if you're the same one who emailed me, I did sent you a reply but I wanted to answer here as well so others can see it.

Here at Anime Boston, the Hynes Convention Center does not allow outside food. However, I often suggest to people who want to do live cooking to record a video of themselves cooking the dishes or food and include the video in the slide show. This way, food is not brought into the Hynes but the demonstration can still be presented by showing the video.
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