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Post by Haru » Sun Mar 13, 2016 3:09 am

Lets start Anime Boston 2016 with a BANG! This panel is the BOMB!

Over 70 years ago the US ended World War Two when two atomic bombs were dropped on the Empire of Japan. The repercussions of that decision still impact our world today. Ever since those early days of August of 1945, the US military and government have put a massive propaganda spin on the atomic bombings of Japan. It is time for the lies to stop. It is time to talk about what really happened in the closing days of World War Two. This is the true story of the atomic bomb, from the Nazi wonder weapon to American war winner. This is how the decision to use the bomb was made, who made it, and why. This is why Hiroshima and Nagasaki were chosen as the targets, and what happened the day of the bombings. This is the story of how the events of August of 1945 still impact our lives and the culture of Japan today.

This panel is the BOMB will be held Friday 3/25 from 12pm - 1pm in the Sheraton Fens and is rated PG-13.
Due to subject matter, this panel may not be suitable for young children.
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