Legends of the Street - Racing Anime & Manga 2016

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Legends of the Street - Racing Anime & Manga 2016

Post by RunningInThe90s » Sun Mar 13, 2016 1:40 am

Hey guys, come to Hynes Panel 208 @ 10AM on Friday, March 25th 2016 for Legends of the Street: The Roots of Japanese Racing Anime and Manga! Explore the world of Japan's street racing, drifting, and tuning / car culture through the lens of the anime and manga based on it! Find out how reality differs from fiction, and how sometimes, the reality is even crazier than anime!

Fast cars, winding mountain roads, hot tempers, blistering straightaways, bitter rivalries, friendships and grudges; racing anime/manga like Initial D, Wangan Midnight, and Shakotan Boogie have all of these. But do you know their roots in the real life Japanese street racing scene? Come and bask in the rich history of Japan's legit and underground racing and tuning culture, and get familiar with the media it inspired—and which have reshaped it in turn, and have now spread across the world as the “JDM” phenomenon. Don't miss it!
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