What Was Your Favorite Thing To See At AB2019

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What Was Your Favorite Thing To See At AB2019

Post by XanSpiraken »

Post your highlight panels, concerts, movies/amvs/anime to watch, cosplays, moments and/or games here.

For me,
the best panels were Anime Hell, 22 Manga Recommendations for Grown ups, samurai stories, the insane manga challenge, the wild merchandise of gundam, the josei panel, the jazz panel and the dark horse comic panel
The best anime I saw was the City Hunter Private Eyes Premire.
Best moment was the City Hunter Concert.
Best Cosplay was the incognito jessie and James with Meowth looking for a pikachu that owed them money.

so what about you
Running manga panels all over the con
Friday Last Stand Spider-man
Saturday blue jacket lupin III
Sunday: Xan Host of Spiraken Manga Review Podcast and Panelist extraordinare
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Re: What Was Your Favorite Thing To See At AB2019

Post by Master of NERV »

The screening of so many recent anime features this year was a standout for quality alone: Maquia, A Silent Voice, Penguin Highway.

And Greg Ayres' 18+ panel is always a hoot! :twisted:
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Re: What Was Your Favorite Thing To See At AB2019

Post by stokage »

Favorite thing to see is always the various cosplays, especially the more obscure ones or more old school ones that cater more to my age group.

But more specifically this year, the City Hunter Screening and special Guest creators Q&A. Thanks for coming out to the US, gentlemen, and giving us a first western look at the movie, which was outstanding.

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Re: What Was Your Favorite Thing To See At AB2019

Post by Penti »

For me, perhaps the biggest highlight was Urusei Yatsura: Beautiful Dreamer; I hadn't seen it before, and given my friend was in cosplay as Lum, we knew we had to go see it together. Also, the Bootleg Panel is always a great time, even if I was chugging coffee in an effort to stay up late enough for it.
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