Post all links to PHOTOS here

This forum is for sharing photos, videos, reports, and finding people from Anime Boston 2019.

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Post all links to PHOTOS here

Post by striker923 »

Please post all links to your photos or photo web sites here in this thread. This way people can find them all in one place!

To prevent the forum from becoming cluttered with hundreds of photo threads, any new thread created in order to post a link to photos will be locked or deleted. All photo links should be posted here instead.
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Re: Post all links to PHOTOS here

Post by Lamron »

Here is the link to my pics from AB 2019. The post is public, so tag your friends or yourselves. I will put something up so you know what days the pics are from. I will post when I update with new pics.

Thursday's pics are up.

Friday pics are up. Fair warning, there are a lot :-)

Saturday pics are now up.

Sunday pics are up.

Thanks to everyone that let me take their pics :-) ... 754&type=3
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Re: Post all links to PHOTOS here

Post by NaraHale »

Here's the link to my photos! I didn't take a whole lot, but I had a lot of fun! Tag yourselves and your friends if you're there! ... 1390417474
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Re: Post all links to PHOTOS here

Post by madman1502 »

Didn’t take much, but here’s what I got. ... 48?sfns=mo
Been coming since 2011

Anime Boston 2015:
Yuna (Final Fantasy X)

Anime Boston 2016:
Chihiro Fujisaki (Dangan Ronpa)

Anime Boston 2017:
Mastermind!Chihiro Fujisaki (Dangan Ronpa)
Makoto Naegi (Dangan Ronpa)

Anime Boston 2018:
Shintaro Kisaragi (Kagerou Project)
Yasuke Matsuda (Dangan Ronpa)
Kiki (Kiki’s Delivery Service)

AB 2019:
Kiki (Kiki’s Delivery Service)
Axel (Kingdom Hearts)
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Re: Post all links to PHOTOS here

Post by stokage »

Photos taken from Friday, Saturday, & Sunday, including some pics from the Sailor Moon Photoshoot: ... 281&type=3

Should be publicly view-able and tag-able.

AB 2012: S - Kogure Kiminobu (Slam Dunk)
AB 2013: F - Harima Kenji (School Rumble), S - Tuxedo Mask (Sailor Moon)
AB 2014: F - Harima Kenji, S - Chinese Dragon (No specific show), Tuxedo Mask
AB 2015: S - Jin (Samurai Champloo)
AB 2016: F - Jin, S - Yu Narukami (Persona 4)
AB 2017: S - Jin
AB 2018: F - Tuxedo Mask, S - Yu Narukami, Su - Jin
AB 2019: F - Clark Kent (Superman), S - Tuxedo Mask, Su - Jin
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Re: Post all links to PHOTOS here

Post by Fetch »

Pics I took at AB 2019. Apologies for poor quality of some of them. My phone camera has an intermittent issue with how the Hynes shakes. ... 132&type=3
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Re: Post all links to PHOTOS here

Post by AnnaNeko »

am slowly working my way thru the photos, here's about half of them all my photos are up! ... 7981170267

There is much Maid Cafe (thanx everyone for posing memes!! from"Awkward Prom" to "Jojos" to *sigh* .. dabs). Great fun was had, looking forward to more shenanigans next year

Also shout-out to the InuYasha trio that let me wander into their photoshoot, and then taking a pose suggestion and letting me get pics!

EDIT - added more pics. If anyone wants to get tagged with their FB/Insta/wherever just comment in there

EDIT 2 - have somehow neglected to double-check Flickr actually had full upload go thru.... Sunday Adventure Time snaps are up in there too!! The ones of the IceKing with their doggo (which had Lemongrab riding on its back) ... a very important addition to the gallery!
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Re: Post all links to PHOTOS here

Post by Kerru »

Here is my April Adventures in Boston- PAX and Anime Boston. Enjoy! Feel free to tag yourselves. ... 267&type=1
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Re: Post all links to PHOTOS here

Post by xenoglossy »

Revue Starlight meetup Saturday:
Tiny collection of hall cosplay shots, incl. more RevStar, Love Live, Revolutionary Girl Utena, Persona 2, Persona 3, and... Donut County?
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Re: Post all links to PHOTOS here

Post by MandaTifa » ... 475089915/

Should be public. Lots of pics from the Masquerade. Feel free to tag, download, share...
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