The main 'Did anyone SEE ME?' thread

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The main 'Did anyone SEE ME?' thread

Post by striker923 »

If you need confirmation from others that you actually do exist and that someone did actually see you at the convention, reply to this post. It would be a good idea to say which days you attended the convention and what you wore on each day.

Any new threads that are started where people are asking "Did anyone see me?" kinds of questions will be locked or deleted. Those posts should ONLY go in this thread to avoid cluttering up the forum.
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Re: The main 'Did anyone SEE ME?' thread

Post by JosephW »

Gonna just make a pre-emptive post here.

Friday - Haida (Aggretsuko)

Saturday - Blue Inkling Boy (Splatoon)

Hope to get some decent photos. The most frustrating part of cons for me is scouring social media afterward to find photos of myself :lol:
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AB 2019: Haida (Fri) / Inkling Boy (Sat)
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Re: The main 'Did anyone SEE ME?' thread

Post by Lokipalooza »

I was Gekko Moriah on Friday and Saturday!!

My IG is lokipalooza so if y'all have any pictures of me, please tag me!
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Re: The main 'Did anyone SEE ME?' thread

Post by kuukiri »

Hi there! I was dressed up as Laffey!Kanna on Friday and Summer Scathacha!Kanna on Saturday.

I had a pink jacket on on Friday with bunny sleeves which my images don't show. Laffey Kanna Summer Scathacha Kanna
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Re: The main 'Did anyone SEE ME?' thread

Post by LuminaDragon »

I was Bowsette with a Chain Chomp Umbrella on Friday and Beat from The World Ends with You on Saturday.

If you want to tag any pics on Facebook with Dragoness Cosplay. That would rock ^_^
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Re: The main 'Did anyone SEE ME?' thread

Post by soundsofstarlight »

I was Mina (Pokemon) on Friday and Eclipsa (Star Vs) on Saturday. I know people post in different locations, so I'm on instragram as soundsofstarlight and on twitter as starlightmusing. Thanks in advance! :D
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Re: The main 'Did anyone SEE ME?' thread

Post by Mz Hyde 25 »

Hi everyone! I was Midna for the weekend and was with a large Zelda group on Saturday. If anyone saw us, please let us know:

- Midna
- Majoras Mask (Boss)
- Windblight Ganon
- Master Kohga
- Yiga Clan Member
- Korok
- Skull Kid
- Death Mountain Trail Gatekeeper
- Guru-Guru (Friday)
- Mailman (Friday)
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Re: The main 'Did anyone SEE ME?' thread

Post by Eevee Queen Liz »

Hi! I was there every day as Yuno Gasai (black dress,) with a Yuki with me on Friday and Saturday. If anyone saw me/us, I'd love to see pics!

(Saturday night from like, 7 thru Shenanigans I also had a kimono on and was walking around with a Lum in a kimono.)
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Re: The main 'Did anyone SEE ME?' thread

Post by AnnaNeko »

The girl in very frilly dress that wasn't the maid in the Maid Cafe! I took your photos and made all sorts of dank meme pose suggestions! On Sunday could be heard coming near thanx to strawberry-shaped jingling bell

Pretty sure scores of you lovely people saw me and even couple dozen took my photo! Thank you for making "awkward prom" poses happen, and plz share pics!!

(feedback on mah lil speeches also welcome. Should I tone it down, add moar memes, dun bother in future? The maid-in-training always wants to do know if she's doin a good job!)
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Re: The main 'Did anyone SEE ME?' thread

Post by ephemient »

I'd be grateful if anybody with photos of me could tag or message me!

Fri/Sat: Miku×2B
Sun: Idol-style Miku
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Re: The main 'Did anyone SEE ME?' thread

Post by stokage »

I was:

Friday: Clark Kent from Superman
Saturday: Tuxedo Mask from Sailor Moon
Sunday: Jin from Samurai Champloo

I was with a Batman, Wonder Woman, and an Arrow on Friday, a Sailor Moon on Saturday, and a Mugen and a Fuu on Sunday.

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Re: The main 'Did anyone SEE ME?' thread

Post by sunflower_king »

Eh why not!

Friday AM I was: Larry from Sally Face
Friday PM I was: Chompette from Mario
Saturday AM I was: Present Mic from Boku no Hero Academia
Saturday PM I was: Mettaton Ex - Black and White vers. from Undertale
Sunday AM I was: Gavin Reed from Detroit: Become Human

Here is my instagram for reference:
'05 '06 '07 '08 '09 '10 '13 '14 '15 '16 '17 '18 '19 '22 and soon '23
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Re: The main 'Did anyone SEE ME?' thread

Post by YandereKiwi »

Feel free to follow me or message me on IG

Friday I cosplayed Gakupo Kamui (Vocaloid), and Miles Edgeworth (Ace Attorney).
On Saturday I cosplayed Bobbi Fabulous (Phineas and Ferb), and Goro Majima (Yakuza 0)
and on Sunday I cosplayed poster girl You Watanabe (Love Live)
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Friday: Miles Edgeworth (am), Idol!Majima Goro (pm)
Saturday: Tricolor Airline Hatsune Miku
Sunday: Bouquet Eli Ayase
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Re: The main 'Did anyone SEE ME?' thread

Post by Selestyl »

Hello! I would like confirmation that I do, indeed, exist. I was the Ignis in the Awaken performance on Friday before deathmatch and in chess on Sunday, and I was Tressa Colzione on Saturday with my fiancé as Alfyn Greengrass! I'd love to see any pictures you have. Please feel free to PM me or tag my cosplay Instagram (Selestylbeingcosplay)!
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Re: The main 'Did anyone SEE ME?' thread

Post by Rick »

I was this Gregg dingus from Night in the Woods, as seen on the left! :D


C'mon, I know y'all saw me this year. :3
"I ever tell you about the time my buddy Keith went to Anime Boston?"
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Re: The main 'Did anyone SEE ME?' thread

Post by Cerebral_Boar »

I was Hannya from Rurouni Kenshin on Friday and Saturday. If you happened to get a photo of me, please let me know. Thank you!
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Re: The main 'Did anyone SEE ME?' thread

Post by papertoadette »


So I was cosplaying as these characters during the weekend! Let me know if you saw me! <3

Michelle Light
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Cosplays for 2019: Isabelle from Animal Crossing, Sakura from Card Captor Sakura, Toadette from Mario and ??? from ???
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Re: The main 'Did anyone SEE ME?' thread

Post by SenpaiMoon »

I got quite a few photos when I went to AB and if anyone has any of me I would love to see them!
On Friday I was Ryuko Matoi from kill la kill
On Saturday I was Tomoe from Kamisama Kiss
On Sunday I Violet Evergarden
I have some pictures on my facebook if you need a reference ... =bookmarks
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Re: The main 'Did anyone SEE ME?' thread

Post by nanjo-city »

Hi everyone!! My fiancée and I were at the convention all three days and I was wondering if anyone saw us! This year was my first year without really having anyone to take our pictures, parents of friends, so I was a little sad to not be able to get pictures of the cosplay I worked so hard on!

A very nice Yuno Gasai cosplayer took our photo as Toko Fukawa and Byakuya Togami and I wanted to see how it came out!
FRIDAY - we were Toko Fukawa and Byakuya Togami from Danganronpa Trigger Happy Havoc!
SATURDAY - we were Tae Takemi and Joker from Persona 5!
SUNDAY - I was Mitsumi from Pokemon Diamond and Pearl Adventures Manga!

If anyone has our picture, please message me! I would love to see them! Thank you all!!!
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