Musical Guest Suggestions for Anime Boston 2023

Share your excitement about Anime Boston's various guests of honor. Show them how enthusiastic Anime Boston fans can be! (Sometimes they read this forum too!)
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Musical Guest Suggestions for Anime Boston 2023

Post by Chairman Miaow »

As we are getting ready for Anime Boston 2023, we're looking to hear your suggestions once again.

This thread is for Musical Guest Suggestions Only.
To request a Non-Musical, Non-Japanese Guest, please go to this thread.
To request a Non-Musical, Japanese Guest, please go to this thread.

If you have someone you'd like to see as a Musical Guest at Anime Boston 2023, please use this thread to make your suggestion.

Here's some guidelines to keep in mind:

When suggesting a musical guest, please give us their name and not just what they've worked on. Linking to their Wikipedia, Anime News Network, or Facebook page is a big help as are samples of their work on Youtube or Vimeo.

Keep in mind that even though someone may make a great musical guest, there are a number of factors that go into the Guest of Honor selection process including - but not limited to - availability, scheduling conflicts, travel expenses, and logistics.

This is a suggestion thread, not a nomination or voting process; posts seconding and agreeing with suggestions may be removed to keep the thread focused on the suggestions themselves.

No matter how enthusiastic you are, do not ask someone if they'd be interested in attending Anime Boston as a guest. Sometimes when a potential guest is contacted by fans about attending Anime Boston it can be misinterpreted it as an official invitation from the convention itself. This can lead to confusion, mixed signals, and disappointment for everyone. These situations can actually backfire and hurt the convention's chances to have a guest attend.

Thank you.
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Re: Musical Guest Suggestions for Anime Boston 2023

Post by Animelover4life »

Ado would be great to have come and do a concert
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Re: Musical Guest Suggestions for Anime Boston 2023

Post by soap »

If possible, I’d love to see Hatsune Miku and the other Crypton VOCALOIDs preform at Anime Boston 2023, but I understand if this isn’t possible due to the large screen that would be on stage for her to look like she is there.

If possible, here are links to official Hatsune Miku Social Medias and info on the company Crypton Future Media!! ... NjZA6ZL53A ... er/cv01_us ... p?id=11410
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Re: Musical Guest Suggestions for Anime Boston 2023

Post by DoomDuckOfDoom »

I wanted to request The YouTuber and NerdCore Anime rapper NLJ for this year's Anime Boston. He regularly performs at other conventions throughout the year.

I figured it would be amazing if he gave a performance or at the very least if he were a guest panelist if a performance were not possible This is a link to his channel.
Sample 1:
Sample 2:

Additionally, I'd like to request Rustage be invited - another NerdCore Anime rapper who regularly performs at cons throughout the year as well. If possible I'd also love to request him to be invited for a performance or at the very least for a guest panelist spot.
Sample 1:
Sample 2:

Both are incredibly talented and experienced musicians!
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Re: Musical Guest Suggestions for Anime Boston 2023

Post by DarkSignerYusei »

I would love if youtuber and musician Nathan Sharp (aka natewantstobattle) came to anime boston!!! I absolutely adore his music!
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Re: Musical Guest Suggestions for Anime Boston 2023

Post by Kyouma-D-Luffy »

This maybe already quite late in the suggestions but could possibly be a suggestion that could fit for next year but I would love to see some recent trending artists that have made a splash in the Anime/Utaite communities. You guys did great bringing Kanako Itou all the way back in 2012 and was one of my best anime con experiences and I'm hoping to experience that same thrill I had 11 years ago.

Polkadot Stingray - They're an amazing rock band from Fukuoka! I've been hoping for them to make waves here in the States much like One Ok Rock and the lead vocalist Shizuku is a great talented singer and is also in charge of their album artworks! She's also dabbled in Programming and had coded the Bibi video game on their official band page. She's done 2 Ending songs for 2 different anime, Godzilla Singular Point and Radiant. If there's a band I would love to see in an anime con it would be this one!
Sample 1:
Sample 2:

Reol - She has performed various songs and Vocaloid covers during her early days and has most recently had done the Ending theme song for the Digimon anime Remake. I would love to hear her sing at an Anime con and have a panel where she discusses her early days doing covers on Nico Nico Douga!
Sample 1:
Sample 2:

Eve - An amazing upcoming Utaite singer who made waves with the Opening theme for Jujutsu Kaisen. He's also recently done the ED song for Chainsaw Man and the latest opening song for My Hero Academia. His songs are catchy and amazing. This would be a huge draw for anime fans and Eve fans who have been eager to see him perform overseas!
Sample 1:
Sample 2:

Gesu no Kiwami Otome - This band has been a popular band in Japan that has done 1 anime song so far for the Kaiji Spin-Off Tonegawa (great anime btw). The lead vocalist Enon is also the vocalist for 2 other bands, Indigo la End and Genie High. They have some great Jazz fusion songs and other songs that are just amazing. It would be great to see them perform here!
Sample 1:
Sample 2:

Honorable mentions: Daoko, Sakanaction, Nightmare/Naitomea, Kenshi Yonezu, Vaundy, ZUTOMAYO, Asian Kung-Fu Generation, Ado, Myth & Roid and Fujii Kaze. I would be very amazed to see even one of these mentioned show up as I just love their songs as much as I love their respective anime songs.
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Re: Musical Guest Suggestions for Anime Boston 2023

Post by mooncarvr »

Agree with the Vocaloids, Nathan Sharp, Reol, Eve, Daoko, Vaundy, Asian Kung-Fu Generation, and Myth & Roid, in addition to:

Poppin' Party, Roselia, Raise A Suilen, or Morfonica from Bang Dream

Anyone from the Love Live franchise (since the 2023 theme is idols)



The Peggies

Little Glee Monster

The Video Game Orchestra (I know they were guests in 2010 but I'd love to see them in person for the first time!)
AB23 (TBD)
FRI: Rokka (work uniform) (BanG Dream!)
SAT: Lucina (Fire Emblem)
SUN: PA-san (Bocchi The Rock)
TBD (Jam Zone with Garupower)

FRI: Tae (Zombieland Saga) + Jam Zone with Garupower
SAT: Arisa (BanG Dream!)
SUN: Keqing (Genshin Impact)

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Re: Musical Guest Suggestions for Anime Boston 2023

Post by Sayoria »

- Ayumi Hamasaki (The original Jpop Diva)
- Gackt
- Hyde
- Mikuni Shimokawa (Lots of Full Metal Panic music)
- MOTSU (From m.o.v.e., known for the Initial D soundtrack. m.o.v.e has since disbanded but MOTSU is lively and still kicking on youtube. He'd be a blast for sure.)
- Nami Tamaki (Lots of Gundam music)
- Psycho Le Cemu
- T.M. Revolution (Kenshin and Gundam)
- Versailles

Aging myself with some of these groups/singers. But bring it!
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Re: Musical Guest Suggestions for Anime Boston 2023

Post by Aphex »

Demondice seems to always be doing con shows over the last year or so but they are sadly always in like Texax Would absolutely love to see her live!

Sedai no Scream (one of her recent songs)
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Re: Musical Guest Suggestions for Anime Boston 2023

Post by DJ Enetro »

It would be an honor for voice actress/idol/lyricist Phoebe Chan to attend Anime Boston this year! Among other things, she is the voice behind Hikari in the bullet hell/rhythm game/RPG/VN NOISZ ST∆RLIVHT, and has recently released her first full-length album, All of My Life.

A more comprehensive list of her works, as well as her social media/Youtube links, can be found here:
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Re: Musical Guest Suggestions for Anime Boston 2023

Post by compressedbread »

FRANCHOUCHOU - The Idol group featured prominently in the anime ZOMBIE LAND SAGA, has done in person live concerts before in Japan

GARNiDELiA - Japanese pop rock duo, consisting of singer Mai Mizuhashi, better known by her stage name MARiA and Vocaloid record producer Yoshinori Abe, better known by his stage name toku.

Wagakki Band - a Japanese band that combines rock music with wagakki (traditional Japanese musical instruments) and shigin (Japanese poems reciting art). Their early songs were adapted from Vocaloid recordings but they have since written their own original music. ... fx3wY-WnZQ

Unison Square Garden - a Japanese teen pop band signed to Toy's Factory. The band includes Kosuke Saito, Tomoya Tabuchi, and Takao Suzuki. ... nk0GsLVK5A
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Kotaro Tatsumi (Zombieland SAGA)
Goro Majima (Yakuza Kiwami)
Sakura Minamoto (Zombieland SAGA)
Okita Souji (Yakuza Ishin)
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Re: Musical Guest Suggestions for Anime Boston 2023

Post by KibiAwa »

Hi. This might be already late for the suggestion, but I'm a Japanese (born and raised) vocalist studying at UMass Lowell. I have a band called Grandmaster Racer & His Funky Family and we cover many Japanese songs such as Waggaki Band and BABYMETAL. This year, we are doing Ado, Mikito P and LiSA covers. We are not famous but our group members are all music majors and I would say we are quite good musicians. We are playing for Asian Night this weekend as well as on a radio show in March. We don't have a wiki page or social media set up, but we have an unlisted YouTube video if you are interested. Please discard if this is inappropriate for the thread. Arigatou gozaimasu.
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Re: Musical Guest Suggestions for Anime Boston 2023

Post by inuratus »

Hmm still waiting for you guys to invite m-flo back. My absolute favorite group and having that 2020 dream crushed was not great.
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