Non-Musical Japanese Guest Suggestions for Anime Boston 2023

Share your excitement about Anime Boston's various guests of honor. Show them how enthusiastic Anime Boston fans can be! (Sometimes they read this forum too!)
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Non-Musical Japanese Guest Suggestions for Anime Boston 2023

Post by Chairman Miaow »

As we are getting ready for Anime Boston 2023 we're looking to hear your suggestions once again.
This thread is for Non-Musical Japanese Guest Suggestions Only.
To request a Japanese Musical Guest, please go to this thread.

If you have someone you'd like to see as a Japanese Guest at Anime Boston 2023, please use this thread to make your suggestion.

Here's some guidelines to keep in mind:

When suggesting a Japanese guest, please give us their name and not just what shows they've been in or their character names. Linking to their Wikipedia, Anime News Network, or Facebook page is a big help.

Keep in mind that even though someone may make a great Japanese guest, there are a number of factors that go into the Guest of Honor selection process including - but not limited to - availability, scheduling conflicts, travel expenses, and logistics.

This is a suggestion thread, not a nomination or voting process; posts seconding and agreeing with suggestions may be removed to keep the thread focused on the suggestions themselves.

No matter how enthusiastic you are, do not ask someone if they'd be interested in attending Anime Boston as a Guest. Sometimes when a potential guest is contacted by fans about attending Anime Boston it can be misinterpreted it as an official invitation from the convention itself. This can lead to confusion, mixed signals, and disappointment for everyone. These situations can actually backfire and hurt the convention's chances to have a guest attend.

Thank you.
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Re: Non-Musical Japanese Guest Suggestions for Anime Boston 2023

Post by Ariandante »

Satoshi Hino (日野 聡)

Seiyu known for portraying Kyojuro Rengoku (Kimetsu no Yaiba), Kamui (Gintama), Ainz Ooal Gown (Overlord), Sai (Naruto Shippuden) among others...

Hino-san was born in and spent some of his childhood in San Francisco and is bilingual according to several sources. If AB could somehow get Mark Whiten (Rengoku's English VA) as a guest, that could make for a pretty cool panel - hearing them compare their experiences as voice actors portraying the same character but in two different voice acting styles and languages. ... p?id=15417
It's pronounced ah-ray-en-DAHN-tay...
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Re: Non-Musical Japanese Guest Suggestions for Anime Boston 2023

Post by Sayoria »

All of these are (VERY) wishful thinking but hey:

- Endo Shozo (Comedian)
- Hamada Masatoshi (Comedian)
- Hitoshi Matsumoto (Comedian)
- Jimmy Onishi (Comedian)
- Kuuki (Comedian)
- Miyasako Hiroyuki (Comedian)
- Tanaka Naoki (Comedian)
- Tsukitei Hosei (Comedian)

Atleast Endo and Tanaka have been very engaging in their 'world people' fans lately. So they might not be tooooooooooooo far out of a get.
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Re: Non-Musical Japanese Guest Suggestions for Anime Boston 2023

Post by Beebo »

I have 2 suggestions for 2 extremely talented Japanese Voice actors,

1- Fairouz Ai: Voices Jolyne In the Japanese dub of Stone Ocean. She is amazing and super talented and I think it would be awesome if somehow both Jolynes could be at the con!

2- Hiroshi Kamiya: probably known by most for his role as Levi from AOT! My favorite Japanese voice actor.
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Re: Non-Musical Japanese Guest Suggestions for Anime Boston 2023

Post by Mephistodemon »

The obey me boys from the hit otome game/manga/anime Obeyme! They are releasing a new game I feel like they would be the perfect guests for this sort of idol theme ☺️
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Re: Non-Musical Japanese Guest Suggestions for Anime Boston 2023

Post by Violetstream »

i would love to see Jun Mochizuki at anime Boston! She is the creator of the mangas Pandora Hearts and The Case Study of Vanitas, both of which have an anime adaptation. She also made Crimson Shell, though this work does not have an anime adaptation as far as I am aware.
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