Cosplay Events (Pre-Anime Boston 2017)

Planning to attend another convention or anime event and looking for friends to hang out with or join your cosplay group? This is the place for attendee discussion. This is not a place for other conventions' staff to post their announcements.
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Cosplay Events (Pre-Anime Boston 2017)

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Hey guys, so through my Cosplay organization (Petry Cosplays) I am planning on hosting two events. The first is a RWBY Cosplay meetup that will occur on Saturday, Feburary 25th in either the Boston Common or City Place. And the other is a Cosplay Picnic I will be hosting in the Boston Common on March 4th! Event links are below:
Current Cosplays:
Anime Boston 2015: Nappa-Dragon Ball Z

Anime Boston 2016: Shizuo Heiwajima-DRRR (Durarara)
Gray Fullbuster-Fairy Tail
Yusuke Urameshi- Yu Yu Hakusho
Anime Boston 2017: Roxas - Kingdom Hearts
Ruby Rose - RWBY

Can't Wait to meet you all at the next Anime Boston!!! :D :D :D
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