Anime Club in VT

Looking for an anime club in your area or at a college? That's what this forum is for.
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Anime Club in VT

Post by BloodnSugar »

Hi, I'm Sasha. Our anime club is at Lyndon Institute in Lyndonville, Vermont. Though technically it's called a Japanese Club so it can sound sophisticated.

And Lyndon Institute is a private high school not a mental institution. XD

Anyway, I'm the president and founder. As soon as school starts up the japanese club goes with it. Our club is going to be taking a field trip to Anime Boston!! So excited! Really. We'll probably be wearing matching hats or something at the convention so we don't get lost.
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Anime Club in VT

Post by suiaerl »

Haha - awesome glad to see some more anime fans from Vermont ^^. Though I wasn't born there it's where my parents house is currently, and I don't think I really have heard much from anyone from Vermont :P.

There's also a con coming up in Vermont - the South Burlington / Burlington area (it's really small though) that you guys might also be interested in ^^.

Hopefully your plan to go to AB '11 will work out as AB is amazing ^^, so far still my favorite con, with the nicest forum community.
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Anime Club in VT

Post by SliverGod »

Middlebury College student here. A bunch of us will be there as well.
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Anime Club in VT

Post by dreamer101 »

Not in any club anymore but I am a Vermonter, from the south end of the state. Went to college at Vermont Tech though.
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Anime Club in VT

Post by Risu »

[quote=BloodnSugar]Hi, I'm Sasha. Our anime club is at Lyndon Institute[/quote]

cool i'm from right up the road at Lyndon state
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Re: Anime Club in VT

Post by blissfulshadow »

Sweet I've finally found people in Vermont who like anime!
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Re: Anime Club in VT

Post by Executionervt009 »

LOL I hear ya on that one, we fans seem to be few and far between up here! :shock:
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Re: Anime Club in VT

Post by Old_School_Anime_Lover02 »

I'm not "from" Vermont but my Uncle lives in Birlingtion VT, and we go sometimes in the summer to visit, and I LOVE LOVE LOVE Baku!
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Re: Anime Club in VT

Post by MandaTifa »

I'm from the Burlington area in VT, too. :mrgreen:
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