Seeking a room!

If you need a room or if you have a room and are looking for roommates, this is the place to hook up.
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Seeking a room!

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Hello! I got the con bug after attending Katsucon last week and decided last minute to come to AB! I'm 27F, been going to cons and cosplaying on and off for about 9 years now. I'm a very tidy roommate, take short showers, and honestly will spend most of the time out of the room exploring or volunteering (if my application is accepted) lol. For sure open to sleeping on floor space! Mixed gender room is fine by me. Can reply to this post or PM me if you have a spot!
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Re: Seeking a room!

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Hello! My name is Billy Baker! I have two spots open at the Hampton Inn and suites. I am coming in on March 27th and leaving on Sunday the 31. the price is $853.00 for the four days, split between four people it'll be $213.47! I know it isn't next door to the convention. I just wanted to extend the invite to you. The best way to get a hold of me is here( I just ask to be LBTGQA friendly
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