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Shout Outs!

Post by royalbakaness »

I'd like to give a shout out first off to the staff. Every volunteer, staff member, and AB security person I met was incredibly kind, patient, and helpful. I'm also very grateful for how well you guys informed us of things as they happened at the con. I know this cannot be easy, and I think you guys are awesome!
In addition, I'd like to give a shout out to the Sheraton and Hynes workers who had a good sense of humor. While I'm sure people had issues with some of the staff, I like to remember the ones who were very welcoming (especially the ones doing the bag check Sunday in the Sheraton).
Also, to the guy with all those plastic toy thingys all over him on Saturday. It was hilarious seeing my friend run away when she saw you, and it was even better that you remembered me from that incident later that night. Thanks for the laughs!
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Re: Shout Outs!

Post by madman1502 »

Shout out to all the people at the Dangan Ronpa photo shoot on Saturday and Sunday. I was super self-conscious about being Chihiro, but everyone was so nice to me that before the shoot even ended on Saturday, I felt so confident in my cosplay, and I don't honestly believe that would have happened if it weren't you all.

Also, shout out to the staff at the 18+ Dating Game who were nice enough to let all of us stay after we'd been let in early.

And finally, shout out to the Taokaka/Faust cosplayer who let me use some of his masking tape several times to keep my shoe strap in place. You really saved my con with that since I didn't have a back-up set of shoes.
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Re: Shout Outs!

Post by foreverfinn »

A shoutout to all of the staff who were nice and helpful, especially during my panic attacks.

Also a shoutout to everyone who participated in and coordinated the Cosplay Games. They were so much fun!
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Re: Shout Outs!

Post by Sayoria »

Shout outs to:

- Alena and Kiryl - It's great finally seeing a non-Dragon Quest 8 cosplayer from the series. We need more of you.
- To everyone at Pika Pika Light Graffiti, for making a terrible, horrible weekend redeemed ever-so-slightly.
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Re: Shout Outs!

Post by stokage »

Yukito Kunisaki wrote:Shout outs to:

- Alena and Kiryl - It's great finally seeing a non-Dragon Quest 8 cosplayer from the series. We need more of you.
- To everyone at Pika Pika Light Graffiti, for making a terrible, horrible weekend redeemed ever-so-slightly.
I second that on Alena and Kiryl (Cristo in my memory)...caught them just after my group left the con for good and were just outside Wagamama waiting to get in for dinner.

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Re: Shout Outs!

Post by Deku-Kun »

Shout out to the staff!
And another shout out to the mystery person who returned my bag of figures I had purchased. I asked security but they said it was a staff member who returned them. But I'm sure it was a bystander who might of found it and gave it to staff. I had set it down to fill out a something at raffle booth that was giving away 3 different figures but when I finished and walked off to give my entry to the staff there. My bag was gone :o
So I was freaking out. But it was returned like 20 mins after. So I am grateful to whomever it was, I wish I really knew who though to personally thank them.
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Re: Shout Outs!

Post by Rukeya »

A huge thanks to the person who returned my glasses to lost and found! I carried them on me in case I had to take out my sclera lenses, and ended up losing them to a hole in my pocket.
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Re: Shout Outs!

Post by Arakni666 »

Shout out to the really nice man working one of the metal detectors at the Pru entrance for a while on Saturday, who was impressed by my cane and asked me about how I made it. I wish I could have told you more, but I didn't want to hold up the line.

Shout out (or apology, really) to the group of people- other Batman cosplayers, I think- who called out to me on Friday afternoon as I walked past and whom I totally ignored. Please believe me when I say it wasn't intentional! I was in a hurry and completely caught up in my own head, and it didn't occur to me until way too late that you were talking to me at all. Sorry!
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Re: Shout Outs!

Post by ArianaXaia »

A huge shout out to all the staff members that had to deal with all the angry con-goers during the terrible lines; especially on Friday when it was raining.
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Re: Shout Outs!

Post by Old_School_Anime_Lover02 »

shout out to all the people that went to my photo shoot and dinner on Friday night! It was a huge! I'm glad we got a table considering i didn't realize we'd have so many people, and The Kurama from the Cosplay Chess, If your on the Forum, I would love the selfie we took together on Sunday! I'm the little Rinku from the Artiest ally
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Re: Shout Outs!

Post by MandaTifa »

Shout out to the Final Fantasy VII panel runner on Saturday Morning! Your panel was literally the only one that I went to (willingly - I was part of another panel on Friday night), and it was a great start to the morning! I would have loved to stay and chat with you more, but I had to go to work! :D
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Re: Shout Outs!

Post by Maydog »

I Would sort of like to be a voice in appreciation for all of the AB Volunteers. So if that is you then
...thank you so much for your effort this year.
The two shy young girls who stood out in the cold on Boyston Street Saturday trying to guide people to the no bag line without complaint are just as important to us in our appreciation as are the AB Executives who managed their assignments so successfully this year. We definitely felt all of you were trying your best to make sure me and my family were going to have another great time at Anime Boston this year.
We did thanks to all of you. Thank you so much everyone.

I would like to send a special Shout Out to Elisa Arteche. We had a fantastic time suza. We will never forget AB 2016 and we will never forget you.
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