Anime Boston 2016 Baccano/Durarara Meetup + Photoshoot

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Anime Boston 2016 Baccano/Durarara Meetup + Photoshoot

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A Durarara 2016 section was already made, but I'll post about the meetup so it stands out to everyone! I will be hosting a Durarara/Baccano Photoshoot at Anime Boston 2016! Times and dates are not confirmed yet (I was thinking Friday or Saturday Afternoon), im also working with other cosplay groups to figure out times for the meetup. All Durarara/Baccano Cosplayers and Photographers are welcome to join! The link to the event is down below. If you do not use Facebook, but would like to join the meetup, please reply! Have a nice night!~
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Can't Wait to meet you all at the next Anime Boston!!! :D :D :D
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Re: Anime Boston 2016 Baccano/Durarara Meetup + Photoshoot

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Locking the 2016 gatherings, but please feel free to continue sharing your memories, photos, etc in the memories section!
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