Bleach 2016

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Bleach 2016

Post by PyroGodFlameCosplay »

Anyone going as bleach characters interested in doing a Saturday shoot/gathering. If i go ill only be there on Saturday so. But , if i do go i might go as izuru kira.
I was thinking an after noon shoot depending on what the bus schedule is like in march. But , so far they look good so, 1-30 -2pm shoot? unless the timetable changes.
Anyone game ?
-Location will need to be in or very close to hynes cause , my mum doesn't want me wondering to far from the hynes. :)

- of course members can make plans for friday and sunday shoots , XD but , i will only be able to attend a Saturday one. :)
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Re: Bleach 2016

Post by AlbinoShadow »

I'm hoping to be back this year as Ukitake or, in the unlikely event I have time in my cosplay schedule, Ulquiorra!

Bleach photoshoots have been scheduled the last few years by Bleach New England. In years past we have had two photoshoots: one on Friday and one on Saturday. There's also a Facebook community, if you are interested, where we decide on photoshoot times and get up to other Bleach-related shenanigans:
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Re: Bleach 2016

Post by Daniellexoxo »

i might to as Nel but then my schedule is so full but hopefully i can do it :) if not, there's always next year
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Re: Bleach 2016

Post by DerpyMermaid »

I'm going as Orihime (in her hueco mundo outfit) and my friends are going as Ichigo and Matsumoto
(also @AlbinoShadow I would seriously love it if you go as Ulquiorra~!)
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Re: Bleach 2016

Post by Nyuu »

Locking the 2016 gatherings, but please feel free to continue sharing your memories, photos, etc in the memories section!
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