Genshin Impact/Mihoyo 2021?

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Genshin Impact/Mihoyo 2021?

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Hey everyone!

Just starting a thread to gather interest for a Genshin/Mihoyo meetup for AB 2021 (if it happens). I might cosplay Amber but not necessarily hosting.

edit: This is now a Genshin Impact/Mihoyo 2022 post since AB21 is cancelled lol. Also I will most likely be Keqing instead of Amber
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AB22 Plans??
Timeskip Annette (FE3H)
LOCK or one of the keyboardists (Bang Dream)
Minmin or Lucina (SSBU)
Keqing (Genshin Impact)

Fri/Sat AM: Lisa (Rainy Blue Rose) (Bang Dream!)
Sat PM: Lucina (Fire Emblem/SSBU)
Sun: Hinata (Boruto)

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Re: Genshin Impact/Mihoyo 2021?

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If the con is going to happen i might be going as Sucrose
So if Anime Boston will be happening i'll keep an eye out for you!
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