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About the themes brought up in the latest announcement.

Posted: Sat Nov 26, 2022 11:16 pm
by Sayoria
So, I get that prices are going up, making it harder to keep things floating. Themes have always been fun. I had two things I enjoyed with the themes particularly:

- Seeing A-Chan and B-Kun in related costumes
- The Music Video featuring both A-Chan and B-Kun

I noticed this year, the mascots were still around in costume, and that was fantastic. Is there plans to keep the mascots within the themes, or will we see the mascots be affected by this?

Additionally, like I said, I liked...... if not, loved the Music Videos that AB was doing for a while. Some of them seemed like simple nerdiness that with the correct lighting and enough volunteers, it wouldn't be too difficult to keep that going. Lately however, I noticed that the music videos have died. I think the last one I remember was an animated one with fighting monsters or something, and then the Hey Little Yokai one before that somewhere. Is it likely we could ever see these return? .... If they are too much to do, I get it. But I am not a video film person, so I am unsure. I just figure once you have the props and/or the willing participants, it might not be too bad.

So yeah. The banners flying around or whatever being reused? I totally get it. I just want to know the future of these other two aspects to the themes. Is the first doomed to die soon? Is the second one completely dead?

Thank you!

Re: About the themes brought up in the latest announcement.

Posted: Mon Nov 28, 2022 10:11 am
by Nemra
The videos haven't really been done since 2016 during the Kaiju vs Mecha theme. It was fun but there was a financial cost attached to it as well that wasn't justified further iirc and it wasn't really sustainable in the long run. As for other video content, they are unlikely to return in the way that they were. The time/cost/benefit equation doesn't work out, unfortunately, especially post 2020. We do have some ideas that we're working on currently but that'll take some time to nail down.

There are no current plans to stop mascots roaming the halls. There will be a shift to have a dedicated cosplay/design for our mascots so that they wouldn't have to change and completely start from scratch every year. Themes as a whole will shift more into our programming events as that is a place where it can be more easily integrated without encountering the same bottlenecks, timelines and finances.