I am going to have to ask

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I am going to have to ask

Post by Sayoria »

I am not asking on the item as to what's going on with the con, but moreso as to 'when' we will be hearing an update from staff on the matter? The convention is currently 8 weeks away.

I strongly believe this con isn't happening at the time currently planned. I assume this is all riding on the state + the vaccine results as to whether it will be cancelled or postponed. But I don't want to assume anything. I am just a planner-type and the fact the con's actual date is so close, I just want to know when the staff will be providing an update to the status of AB.

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Re: I am going to have to ask

Post by Nemra »

I know the situation can be exceedingly frustrating like last year but the last status update in October is still accurate.

When we have any new updates to share regarding a status change, we will absolutely do so ASAP. We don't want to keep anyone in the dark any longer than they or we have to. Similar to last year, we'll post any notification of a status update on our website, social media platforms and here on the forums as well as sending an email notification to all members so please keep a lookout and thank you for your patience!
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