Vaccine Passport Inquiry

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Vaccine Passport Inquiry

Post by Kalyoth »

Hi! While hoping to attend the next Anime Boston, something that has started to show up recently is the discussion by organizations & businesses of a potential vaccine passport. I am curious if AB has had or is having any discussions in regards to this as a registration or attendance thing under the guise of public health & safety. I have not heard of the state yet requiring something like this. But, it was the news discussing the concept for international travel that caught my ear.
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Re: Vaccine Passport Inquiry

Post by Sayoria »

Well, we haven't gotten an update since October, and no guests have been announced yet, nor any event plans.

Not saying 2021 will be canceled or postponed, but I feel like the con is still trying to figure out what to even do with the convention at this point.

If it still happens on time, there's likely going to be cramming of time, lots of Massachusetts regulations to deal with, and so much more. Since Massachusetts/Boston hasn't instituted the vaccine passport issue you claim, it's probably not even been discussed.

I'm anxiously awaiting the next update from the Staff myself, and I honestly feel like the possibility of having it the week they do is probably not going to happen. Especially with a new strain.

When the con finally updates us on the homepage, I am sure they will make everything clear. The convention is not just a small gathering. Having anything of Anime Boston's magnitude would easily draw city-wide concern.
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Re: Vaccine Passport Inquiry

Post by coltigore »

As sad as this makes me, I probably wouldn't attend this year either way. Here's hoping to 2022!
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