Would anyone else like a quiet space?

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Would anyone else like a quiet space?

Post by Dramaticrabbit »

Hello. My name is Hannah and I am an almost 24 year old Autistic Adult (AA). I feel that sometimes being at a convention can be overwhelming/overstimulating. I was curious if anyone else has thought about a quiet space? I always have to go back to my hotel to get some quiet, but can be inconvenient to walk back and forth. As an almost graduated Psychology student, I feel that a quiet space would benefit a lot of us who have mental health issues. If there were to be one, I'd like to have autistic people put in their input of the perfect quiet space. Thank you!
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Re: Would anyone else like a quiet space?

Post by Lamron »

Well the quietest place would be your room, but the next best would be either the Manga library or the Chibi zone. The first floor hallway(by the windows) is usually pretty quiet.

As for an empty room just to sit in? Not sure if logistics would allow it, but I will bring it up and let you know.
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Re: Would anyone else like a quiet space?

Post by Aidan2 »

In 2020 we were actually going to publish two distinct "Quiet" rooms for exactly this purpose. Room 104 in the Hynes and the Boston Common Room in the Sheraton were both being designated as "quiet spaces"

This clearly did not happen as we did not have a show in 2020 however our Ops and Accessibility teams have recognized this as a priority as a room allocation for our next event.
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