Canceling hotel reservation?

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Canceling hotel reservation?

Post by JosephW »

I registered for a hotel through Anime Boston's website, and shortly after the cancellation I sent an email to the address that it told me to, asking about canceling the hotel reservation. I got a copypasted email reply about 3 days later saying that "staff will be in touch regarding your hotel cancellation". That was over two weeks ago, haven't heard anything else.

Are hotels just being canceled automatically? Just wanting to make sure I don't get charged for a reservation I won't be there for.
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Re: Canceling hotel reservation?

Post by Nemra »

they should be canceled automatically but if you still haven't heard back regarding your email, I advise that you call them directly to make sure that you weren't an exception to the rule.
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Re: Canceling hotel reservation?

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To Staff:

I haven't heard back either, just like the original post described.
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