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Post by sjcasther » Wed Mar 29, 2017 11:59 pm

SO. I have diabetes (type 1) and was wondering the best way to carry crap I need (insulin pump stuff, blood sugar tester, food, backup stuff, etc, etc) and if it would be a general problem with security and stuff. Last year I brought a purse and this year I'm probably bringing a backpack, do y'all think that's wise? Considering security and such. I went to a concert with the same bag recently and it was an absolute nightmare, even though I had it pre-approved AND my friend's dad (an EMT) was with me... if that gives you any idea. I'm only going to be with a couple of friends this time.

Also, are there any quieter spots I would be able to check my sugars or escape to if I have a low? Usually I would hide out in the restroom but they're often PACKED.

Just wondering if any other people with diabetes or other illnesses where you gotta carry around six tons of supplies had any feedback or recommendations to make the con a little easier.

This isn't urgent and it's SUPER late, so if it gets nothing in reply I won't be heartbroken, lmao.
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Re: Diabetes????

Post by waynoinsano » Thu Mar 30, 2017 12:15 am

Backpacks are fine been bring one for years, AB is much different than a concert setting in regards to bags. As for the medical stuff should be no problem if you explain property if they even ask at the bag check. I heard there was some issues that staff became aware of, caused by mcaa staff not ab staff, that they promised to address with mcaa to make sure it wouldn't happen this year. But just incase bring some prof that you need the items some paper you have from doctor, etc. better to have something you don't need than not have something you do.

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Re: Diabetes????

Post by pulsedemon » Thu Mar 30, 2017 10:02 am

There definitely are some quiet areas. There's a room on the fifth floor in the Sheraton that's specifically 'quiet' space, and the parents' sitting room in the Hynes should probably be pretty quiet.
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