Please don't answer questions for staff

This forum is for general questions for staff that don't fit into one of the forums below. Please read the FAQ before posting new questions.
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Please don't answer questions for staff

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We get a lot of questions about the convention on these forums, in particular the General Questions forum. While we appreciate that you might want to help your fellow attendees, please don't answer questions directed at Anime Boston staff.

We want to avoid confusion by attendees, especially if they receive information that's not correct or wholly accurate from another attendee. Sometimes people will get an answer from non-staff and think it's official. And at the convention they'll tell us, "But someone told me on the forums I could run around with sparklers on roller skates doing the Watusi!" And we obviously don't want them doing that.

If a question has gone on a bit without being answered, we might've missed it or gotten caught up in something else. Feel free to give it a bump or ask again. One of us will see it and get the appropriate staff member to answer it.
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