Cosplay Games Application

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Cosplay Games Application

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Hi everyone,

I'm fairly new to the region and Anime Boston will be my first con in the northeastern USA. :-) Where I am from, the concept of "applying" in advance to participate in cosplay games wasn't a thing. We would just show up a few hours before and get chosen or not! Consequently, I was a bit surprised to see this process. When I went to "apply" as a participant...I realized that I missed the deadline by only a couple of days! For those who are experienced Anime Boston con-goers, is there another wave of applicants or same-day availability? Or is this a lost cause? I'm travelling to the con solo and was incredibly excited to participate in the games. Cosplay chess is always my favorite event of the con.

Thank you!
-Sav (aka the MGSV Revolver Ocelot who will be present on Saturday only, LOL)
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Re: Cosplay Games Application

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Welcome to the northeastern United States! Unfortunately, I believe the deadline to apply to participate in the cosplay games has already passed and there may not be another wave of applications or availability on the day. However, it never hurts to check with the organizers to see if there are still spots available or if there is a waiting list you can sign up for.

In the meantime, there are plenty of other fun events and activities to check out at Anime Boston, so I hope you have a great time. And who knows, maybe you'll get lucky and get to participate in cosplay chess without having to register in advance!

I wish you the best of luck,
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