Autograph Session

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Autograph Session

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Is there typically a line that forms before 8 am for the autograph session? How soon does it begin forming? what chance do we have of getting a "pass" if we make it there by 8? We're coming from NH and trying to decide whether to get on a 5 am bus to get to the Sheraton in time to get an autograph pass. I'd rather not do the 5 am bus, but the only other option is to drive.
Just wanted to get an idea of how hard it is to get a pass, when would be an optimal time to show up, and if we risk going to a lot of effort to transport ourselves there by 8 am and then be turned away for a pass.
Also, where is Concourse B? I Googled for a long time but did not find a Sheraton floor plan that has "Concourse B" labeled anywhere.
What is the quickest way to get to Concourse B? Do we go through the main entrance of the Sheraton to the 2nd floor? And then where do we head?
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Re: Autograph Session

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The passes for the free autograph sessions will be available in Sheraton Constitution Room B, which is on the second floor. (Look for it near the escalators.) Although passes will be given out starting at 8:00 AM each morning, it's been my experience that they will let people into the room no earlier than one hour beforehand, at which point the attendees can take seats based on the order of arrival, which generally determines who gets the passes at what point. No matter which form of transportation you decide to take, simply plan to be in the room between 7:00~8:00 AM to get the passes you really want.
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