Does Anime Boston have an online store?

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Does Anime Boston have an online store?

Post by nenie »

Rising from the grave here, haven’t posted in a year or 2. But just wondered does AB have an online store of convention brand merch? Just with the AB stuff. I would be interested in buying if there was a setup.
And not sure if AB will happen this year, but heck I’d go. Would AB think about maybe set a pop up shop in the commons when it gets warmer? For AB merch and pre reg? I’d be willing to travel for that too.
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Re: Does Anime Boston have an online store?

Post by THX1139 »

I have the same question. I would buy AB stuff if it was available.
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Re: Does Anime Boston have an online store?

Post by Nemra »

Hey Guys,

sorry it took so long to reply. I had written a response a while ago and then the computer crashed before I finished and then completely forgot to rewrite.

short answer is that we unfortunately do not have an online store. All merch availability is at the con.
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Re: Does Anime Boston have an online store?

Post by Kalyoth »

With 2 years now gone, I am still amazed in the day of the internet that there is no partnership with a company that makes official merch for sale to help benefit the convention. Just takes a talk & image approval upon select merchandise & they print ship & pay royalties etc. No warehousing or even personnel operating this. We all know the companies that do this as many of us are likely their customers already.

You have a full line of potential products we have all seen at stores conventions etc. available & could even go back in time with older art if you so chose as we have themes that fit most major holidays across the year in our past. Seasonal merch is very doable. Your only limit is the depth of the wallet of the buyer. Do not even need to offer the same stuff all year long. So the fear of demand & loss of sales at the next convention is significantly reduced. You could also gauge through sales data the products to have at the next convention based on market trends.

Just an idea for revenue all year long.
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