Praise for Panels

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Praise for Panels

Post by TarkinRocher » Tue Apr 01, 2014 6:00 pm

Several of the panel hosts said that if we enjoyed the panel we should let it be known on the forums. So here goes...

Cosplay is Acting
This was my favorite panel for the whole convention. Both informative and a ton of fun. Our hostess (who I should have taken a business card from) was very enthusiastic and kept things moving swimmingly. Also, 10am Friday was the perfect time for the panel to be held. I can't think of anything better to start off a weekend of cosplay than an acting workshop. I'll continue to do my breathing exercises and work on my head canons so I'll be ready for next year.

Mass Effect in Real Life
Mostly just an excuse to get a bunch of ME fans into a room together and remember the excitement and the absurdities. It shouldn't be any other way. The whole room was rolling with laughter for the hour.

Tropes and Cliches in Anime
Another fun and humorous panel. This one showed lots of potential and I hope they come back again without the technical difficulties. (Which were not the fault of the host and hostess)

So what panels were your favorites?

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