Memories from 03'

This forum is dedicated to sharing stories and photos from Anime Boston 2003 or 2004 when the convention was at the Boston Park Plaza Hotel.
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Memories from 03'

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The first AB was my first ever convention. I went with friends from the high school anime club. It was an incredible experience. Gundam has always been my favorite anime franchise and like many gundam fans, Wing was the gateway to that fandom. My BIGGEST regret was missing Mark Hildreth's autograph session, by literal minutes. I got 4 out of the 5 autographs I need. I got all their autogrpahs on my VHS copy of endless waltz 🤣.

I also remember being overwhelmed by the dealers room. I remember buying a huge gundam poster and forgetting it at the con when I left on Sunday! Object permanence issues suck 🤣
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Re: Memories from 03'

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Let's see...

My one outstanding memory of 2003 was the cramped dealers room. I remember staff counting people as they left, and allowing exactly that many in. My pin collection began in that same dealers room, when I found a Ryo-Ohki pin on the floor. I still have it in 2022!
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