Favorite Anime Boston 2013 Memories

This forum is for sharing photos, videos, reports, and finding people from Anime Boston 2013.
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Favorite Anime Boston 2013 Memories

Post by MoonPrincess016 »

Did you have any unforgettable moments that just happened to make your day? Well here's your chance to post them:
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Re: Favorite Anime Boston 2013 Memories

Post by RapaxGuardian »

Too many!!
-DarkVyes and I had a couple photoshoot (his Spirit Albarn and my Ice Queen are married :3)
-A group of Rise of the Guardians people and I deciding Ice Queen is Jack's mother; cue lots of mother-son reunion moments
-My friend letting me fangirl all over him on Saturday
-Running into ghost-hunting Luigi/Mr. L over and over and OVER again! Each time was fun :lol:
-Standing in line at Pinkberry and my mom texting me that I won something for Hall Cosplay
-Metal Gear Solid photoshoot. All of it is one great memory :)
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Re: Favorite Anime Boston 2013 Memories

Post by HelloGoodbye »

Pretty much everything!
I loved the chances that I got to respond to people while in character! Since I was cosplaying Ed Elric, so many people made short jokes and I got to pretend to yell at them, which was very funny.
Cosplay chess was so much fun to watch!
The random Pokemon theme song sing alongs that broke out every once and a while were lots of fun, too. I think everyone knew every single word and it was so awesome!
And just how nice everyone was! :D
2013 was my first Anime Boston ever!! And it was awesome!
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Re: Favorite Anime Boston 2013 Memories

Post by Master of NERV »

This will take a bit of explaining...

My late wife and I never missed an AB, and attended all of them from '03 to '08, the last event before her passing. Now, five Anime Bostons later, I took my SO to her very first convention, ever. Though new to anime fandom per se, Jessica was already a die-hard Studio Ghibli fan of many years, and her transformation into a mainstream otaku has been a smooth one. (Jess even teases me that I didn't take her to AB '12, even though we weren't seeing each other then...)

After 11 ABs and three trips to AAC, I'd forgotten how new and exciting a convention could be to a newbie, and I had a wonderful time just watching Jess watch everything going on around her. The highlights of her con was me in cosplay as Commander Ikari from Evangelion, and getting to see her hands-down favorite voice actor (Greg Ayres).

Now, I'm trying to talk her into cosplaying with me as Roger Smith and R. Dorothy Wayneright from Big O (wish me luck on that one!), and we're watching Dusk Maiden of Amnesia, a show we previewed at AB '13 and bought in the dealer's room.
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Re: Favorite Anime Boston 2013 Memories

Post by Aurabolt »

My Ace Attorney panel hands down. It made my weekend.

Meeting Daving Matranga would take the #2 spot.
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Re: Favorite Anime Boston 2013 Memories

Post by oceanlover4evr »

So I went as Korra, and saw that awesome Tenzin cosplayer. I asked for his photo, and after he was done, he gave me a thumbs up and told me to "continue working on my studies"
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Re: Favorite Anime Boston 2013 Memories

Post by coolforever »

Honestly, I made so many amazing memories this year at AB that it's hard to count them all. From meeting my favorite voice actors from my favorite shows, to running my game show PERFECTLY, and finally to getting pictures taken of my cosplay quite a bit, this past year was by far one of my most favorite years at Anime Boston.
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Re: Favorite Anime Boston 2013 Memories

Post by Tom AIAC »

One of my favorite memories of Anime Boston 2013 was the entire crowd for the Masquerade singing "Sweet Carolin" to honor the city of Boston after the terrible marathon bombings. It was such a nice moment. I recorded a brief video clip of it: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=W7R5NOM ... e=youtu.be

Other favorite memories of mine:

- The surprise performance of "Inner Universe" from Origa during the opening ceremonies. I loved that song for years, it was so great to see her perform it live out of nowhere like that!

- Meeting Kari Whalgren, who most people know as the voice of Haruko from "FLCL," but my favorite role of her's was Kagami from "Lucky Star." I had her sign the cover to the first volume of "Lucky Star" on DVD. She was so incredibly nice, such a wonderful experience.

- My friends and I playing King of Tokyo and Cards Against Humanity in the Sheraton Hotel lobby Thursday night before the con and having random con-gorers we didn't know join in. That's becoming a con tradition for us,whatever con we end up. Look for us!

- My girlfriend (now fiance) getting a picture with the greatest Master of Ceremonies of all time, The Roadie! (we're champion his fan club!)

- My friend Matt nearly starting a fire in the P.F. Chang's! Haha, let me explain: we went to eat there after the Anime Music Video contest, and while we were conversing, Matt unknowingly pushed his Music Video guide into the candle on the table.....unknowingly until it lit on fire. The crisis was averted quickly by jamming it into his glass of water. That certainly woke us all up!

- All the great cosplay, dealers' room items, artists alley majesty, and events! Can't wait for this year!
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Re: Favorite Anime Boston 2013 Memories

Post by Mamacass »

OMG, I Completely forgot about that!!!!
Thanks for the memory (and small tears)
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Re: Favorite Anime Boston 2013 Memories

Post by Tom AIAC »

Mamacass wrote:Tom AIAC:
OMG, I Completely forgot about that!!!!
Thanks for the memory (and small tears)
You're welcome! I was honestly surprised it hadn't been mentioned yet.

Makes me wish I took a longer video of it...and didn't think it would be cute to sway the camera with the music at that one point.

But yeah, it was emotional for sure.
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Re: Favorite Anime Boston 2013 Memories

Post by UsagiSpirit »

My favorite memory of AB 2013 was hands down meeting my wonderfully loving current boyfriend there, he was Sasuke and I was Sakura. :)
Besides that, it was my first Anime Boston and first con in general so of course the con itself was my best memory! I cannot wait to return this year.
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