High Five Line!

This forum is for sharing photos, videos, reports, and finding people from Anime Boston 2013.
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High Five Line!

Post by SavannahBanana13 »

My friend made a Facebook group for everyone involved with the high five line on Saturday! If you want to be added, add me on Facebook. My name is Savannah Paul and my profile pic is of me and another Double D cosplayer.
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Re: High Five Line!

Post by Rick »

I saw that line! It was totally fun to run by and high five everybody...twice! I think Hunters are addicted to high fives too... :P
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Re: High Five Line!

Post by Princess_Kaylin »

Totally joining this group so we can cause chaos of hellos next year.

Only difference is I will be Cthulu Ten most likely instead of Ron Stoppable since that got more reactions of laughter
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Re: High Five Line!

Post by Princessbankita »

Loved being in the high five line X'D *sends request*
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Re: High Five Line!

Post by AnnaNeko »

.... Me being that weird person, totally was doing the "bro fist" to everyone when walking by that. Because I could!

.... it wasn't the best idea when that one person who wore rings was next....
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