lolita - the frilly masses

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lolita - the frilly masses

Post by AnnaNeko »

Anyone get photos of the Lolita panel Saturday? come on, the room was pretty full, and lots of people had cameras ... start sharing photos, people!
why, yes, I have been goin to this con since day 1. Wanna brain-break on the age math?

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Re: lolita - the frilly masses

Post by ashanyao »

i didn't, i was too far on the other side, but i wanted to say i loved this panel and the other lolita panel!
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Re: lolita - the frilly masses

Post by Naomi-Ai »

Don't have any (as I was in it) but I'll def make a post to bump the thread and hope that someone in that full room full of cameras will post something soon.
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Re: lolita - the frilly masses

Post by AlassinAddams »

So sad that due to circumstances beyond my control I couldn''t get to either one of them I wore my Gothic Lolita dress on Friday and people told me that I looked pretty. I was completely flattered. I WILL however, make it next year!

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