Best Memories of AB 2012!

This forum is for sharing photos, videos, reports, and finding people from Anime Boston 2012.
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Re: Best Memories of AB 2012!

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Best memory had to have been being in my first panel! It was a 18+ Hetalia Truth or Dare panel, I went as Japan and it was loads of fun. It was nice being asked questions and being in the spotlight for once!
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Re: Best Memories of AB 2012!

Post by Kayube »

Definitely at the Momoi Q&A when I asked about Akibaranger. She seemed pretty surprised that I knew about it (never underestimate the power of the internet!). And a bunch of people cheered. Also I found out that she likes a lot of the same things I do.
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Re: Best Memories of AB 2012!

Post by MoonPrincess016 »

Hmmmm... Well this was my first year coming so everything was so exciting! But I'd have to say my favorite things were:

1). Taking the T into Boston and having our section of the train being over-run by Hetalia cosplayers. Then my friend had a meltdown since there was no Romano
2). Since it was a last minute decision to go to AB, I borrowed my friends Sakura (Tsubasa) costume. Having never seen the anime and knowing limited facts, I was greeted by a person from the same anime in line. Only thing to do: play dumb and pretend to have amnesia. The person just laughed. She never knew O.O
3). Spending the entire day looking for a Syaoron and finding one in the masquerade line! I then continued to glomp her.
4). watching my friend glomp a Kaoru from Ouran Host Club and make him her hostage for a good 30 min.
5). Finding two Death the Kids in the Art Gallery next to each other and telling them that their hair was assymetrical. They both fell on the ground causing a huge traffic jam.
6). Correcting Roadie in the masquerade when he said "alchemist" wrong. I didn't realize I was that loud!
7). Watching the Zelda dance in the masquerade. It was the most awesome thing I'd ever seen and I was one of the first on my feet at the end!
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Post by Klavier »

walking up like a boss in CCC as Phoenix Wright... and doing nothing for the rest of the case...
and winning.
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Re: Best Memories of AB 2012!

Post by ninja_girl21 »

i meet tom wayland, greg ayres in the hallways i was happy. that the most i remember the rest i was half asleep mmm i wasnt happy with that. i took many pics as i could. and saw everyone i could see it was great i totally do it again.
i been going to anime boston since 2004
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Re: Best Memories of AB 2012!

Post by kaitsukai »

Although it was a bit gross, the best memory I had was when I was helped out by an amazing female attendee. ;///;

I was walking out of the elevator (late) Saturday night for the Hentai Dubbing event, and some shirtless dance-guy was being held up by two other con-goers and puking his freakin' brains out all over the Sheraton elevator lobby floor, almost literally right in front of my feet. I'm extremely squeamish, and I immediately felt sick just from the sound and smell alone. By the time I registered everything and instantly stopped walking, my boyfriend and rest of our group were already on the other side of the hallway/entrance to the elevators, leaving me stranded (obviously not intentionally). I would've gotten sick too if I opened my eyes to navigate around the vomit, so I panicked a bit, asking for anyone nearby to help me.

Suddenly, a girl came up to to me, took my hand and gently pushed me along, directing me away from the icky mess and helping me get to my BF. I was so grateful to her that I got a bit teary-eyed, but by the time I could look, she was already gone. I wish I could have thanked her properly (instead of tearfully saying "thank you" over and over again). I hope to meet her again and give her a hug for what she did. ;////;
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