AB Dealer Booth Sales Needed!!!

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AB Dealer Booth Sales Needed!!!

Post by tangsi » Tue Mar 28, 2017 1:03 am

Hi, I need to hire one person for Anime Boston on March 31- April 2, to host one booth for me.

I need someone to run artist Rella(www.pixiv.net/member.php?id=163536)'s booth. The booth will sell her posters and art books in dealer room in Anime Boston.

1. $100/day(Fri-Sat-Sun) + 5% commission + bonus (merchandise)
2. Up to 3 con badges. One for you and 2 for your friends who could cover the booth for your bathroom break.

Need to do:
1. Help to load in and set up the booth on Thursday afternoon from 2 pm(March 30th).
2. During the show on March 31- April 2, be on time, watch and sell in the booth.
3. Bring your own lunch (I'm really short of labor on this con, might not be able to send people to get lunch for us. so just bring our own.)

1. Knowledge of Miku and Vocaloid is a must
2. Like to talk to people, love art. Sales experience highly preferred
3. Knowledge of artist Rella is preferred.

To apply, please email to tangsi86@gmail.com with a brief info about yourself. Thank you so much.

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