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looking for a friend for Thursday night to hang out with

Posted: Thu Mar 23, 2017 1:42 am
by Old_School_Anime_Lover02
hello there i guess i'll start with what you can call me when you meet me, pm me, or facebook me and eventually text me (please don't call me cause i will not answer)

so here I go I guess, I'm shy (As you can already tell) and stand at 4'11 and a half (so don't expect anyone tall...don't know why but everyone who meets me thinks I'm actually taller then I am) I enjoy cosplaying, role playing (Story writing with someone else i have a bunch of ocs but only like to use a few at a time so it won't confuse me) and if you let me, I'll talk about my favorite ones....

also you'll most likely see me with a book, or a cell phone with a pokeball phone case and I may or may not cosplay team rocket that night (There's a good chance I will cosplay as a team rocket grunt)

Oh another useful fact: i'm 28 years old, and my 29th birthday is coming soon so huge milestone there....(i'm shorter then my age but eh)

I love Japanese snacks, books, rps, chinese food, sushi, and just like anything Pokemon i can talk about Pokemon for hrs on end if you let me....

oh yea, before I forget, I'd like to venture into AnimeZanka on newberry street before it closes to see if they have any Yuri on Ice stuff,

my facebook is Helia_Nanashi

my Twitter is @Never_to_old01

that's all i have as far as social media and if you want to cause you don't have either feel free to drop me a pm here I check it at least once or twice a week, or you can post here (quote me please so i know i have something to look for) also i'm going to get there around 8:00 or 8:15 depending on the traffic and how early my dad can get out of work...i may be 29 years old but yea not being able to drive sucks...but it helps when i want to drink ^_~