Seafood Options

If you're new to the city or taking the T in from out of town, this is where you can get advice from people living in The Hub. Please keep discussion limited to things in and around Boston.
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Seafood Options

Post by MomoMiraculous »

Hey everyone! I've recently been diagnosed with GERD and as such have some dietary restrictions. My main food options now are fresh veggies, low fat chicken and seafood. I know where I can find chicken but was wondering what people had for inexpensive seafood options near the con.
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Re: Seafood Options

Post by leadfootnh »

A short walk away (just across Massachusetts Ave) is Love Art Sushi. You find some good stuff there. I wouldn’t exactly call it inexpensive, you can build a bowl or sushi to suit your needs.
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Re: Seafood Options

Post by Lamron »

Sorry to hear and hope you can get it under control sooner than later. Unfortunately, there really isn't a cheap option for seafood. If it's cheap, it might not be fresh. Your best bet is probably the super market. You can get sushi there and tuna(they have those lunch packs) They also have cooked foods, but that varies. There are a lot of seafood places(or places that have seafood) around the con, but without knowing what you consider inexpensive, I can't give you more of an answer. The one Jason listed is good also.

Hope that helps
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Re: Seafood Options

Post by DocWatson »

You might want to join us in "Resturants in the area?" (currently sic--I've asked that the misspelling be corrected) where I'm helping promote a move to consolidate the restaurant topics for this year.
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