Top of the Hub/Skywalk Closing in April 2020

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Top of the Hub/Skywalk Closing in April 2020

Post by Elli21486 »

Just found out about the closing of the Top of the Hub and the Skywalk Observatory at the Prudential Center this spring. ... lose-april
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Re: Top of the Hub/Skywalk Closing in April 2020

Post by leadfootnh »

Yeah. It’s closing the Friday AFTER AB. That means the weekend will be even more insane.
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Re: Shoutout to a Legend

Post by hakukagi »

No kidding? I'm glad I saw it in its open times! I probably won't see it again if it's too crowded.

I want to take this time to thank the Skywalk for some great first AB memories. I met an Ace Attorney cosplayer back in 2017 who was very kind and they hung out with me there since my group was too tired.

The view was very industrial but you could see a body of water with boats and the many buildings surrounding the mall and over yonder. We took pictures and pretty much just bonded a little over space theories and ace attorney headcannons. It was very surreal and I feel like that wouldn't have happened anywhere else but at a con.

So thank you Skywalk for the great time and thank you, Clay!!
I felt fortunate to encounter you at the shoot and to experience this piece of Boston with you.

You really made an Apollo's day on a Sunday morning. ;w; <3

So...I guess, farewell, Top of the Hub/ Skywalk, you'll always be the "Skyway" in my heart. :D
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