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Pre-con events?

Posted: Wed Feb 28, 2018 8:14 pm
by anothvortex
Hi everybody,

I was wondering if anyone else knew of events that were running before and around the convention to enjoy? I know there's going to be something going on at a local comic store on the Red line but I am always looking for other events to network at pre-con.
(Oh, and for anyone who is interested, the comic store thing is here.) ... 246203181/

Re: Pre-con events?

Posted: Fri Mar 09, 2018 10:17 pm
by anothvortex
To anyone who was curious about this, the organizer looks like they just posted a bunch of extra information about the event in the comments section, including a commitment for free pizza!

Re: Pre-con events?

Posted: Tue Mar 13, 2018 11:27 am
by Aurabolt
There will be a Pre-Con Dinner for current and former Anime Boston Panelists at Wagamama on 3/29 at 7:15PM. The thread is in the Panels and Programming board.

Pre con events

Posted: Sat Jun 23, 2018 6:41 pm
by MichaelZed
Hi all,

Sorry if this has been posted somewhere else and I cant locate it, but wondering if anyone is up for a Pre Event Dinner say on the Friday night, or a Saturday Brunch?

Have put a poll up but if anybody has suggestions of where as well????