Ah, the joy of commuting from Hyde Park!

If you're new to the city or taking the T in from out of town, this is where you can get advice from people living in The Hub. Please keep discussion limited to things in and around Boston.
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Ah, the joy of commuting from Hyde Park!

Post by Aurabolt » Fri Feb 05, 2016 11:41 pm

Now, I have the good fortune of living a 10 minute walk from Cleary Square in Hyde Park. From there, I could do one of 3 things to get in town by MBTA: Take the 50 or 32 to Forest Hills, take an Inbound train from the Hyde Park Commuter Rail Station or take an inbound train from the Fairmount Commuter Rail station 5 blocks away.

Now, depending on the method, how I'd get to the Hynes is different:

- The 32 or 50: I'd take either bus to Forest Hills. It's about 20 minutes one way. From Forest Hills, I have two choices: The first is to take the 39 to the Pru (2 stops at this location). I do this for Pre-registration every year for expediency. The second is take the Orange Line to Back Bay station and walk the rest of the way through the mall. Getting there this route isn't the problem: Getting back Friday and Saturday is the tricky part!

- Hyde Park Station: The fastest method technically. It's two stops from Back Bay. The drawback is the schedule is so messed up: The 2 Lines that stop at Hyde Park--Stoughton and Providence--only do so a handful of times a day and even worse, neither line stops at Forest Hills (which does have commuter rail service as well). To add injury to insult, Hyde Park station is in Zone 1 so there's an extra charge if I were to use this method. I'd obviously wouldn't use thus method to get back either. LOL.

- Fairmount Station: Despite being about 6 minutes away from Cleary Square, I can use my Zone 1A pass to take the Commuter Rail from Fairmount to South Station at no extra charge. From there, I can take any train going to Back Bay at no charge (they don't check for passes/tickets when you get off at Back Bay from South Station) and walk the rest of the way. Better yet, the train runs every hour. The last outbound Fairmount train leaves South Station at 9:30PM weekdays and 10:40PM on Weekends.

...So, keeping with the trend of when my Saturday panels are slotted, I will likely miss the last Fairmount Train. So, it's Orange Line to Forest Hills then the very last 32 Bus to Cleary Square. Friday and Sunday are nowhere near as hectic. LOL.

Anyone else have a crazy commute they do every year getting to and from the con each year?
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Re: Ah, the joy of commuting from Hyde Park!

Post by Sylal3us » Sat Feb 06, 2016 12:21 am

The last two-ish years has been crazy for me because of the road construction, namely the work on the ramps to the pike/ highway. It'seems an easy enough commute down the pike ( less than 2 hours), but all those detours to get back to the highway were nuts. There was one year I got so frustrated, I just drove straight till I hit the Boston University area and got on the pike there. GPS +mountains of concrete called buildings= not fun. Luckily, my passenger went to B.U. and was able to navigate a poor outta towner like me. XD
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