Funeral Portraits skit

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Funeral Portraits skit

Post by DagaYemar »

So I saw the forum talking about the inception skit (ingenious, by the way) and I thought I'd ask people what you all thought of my skit. For those who don't remember, it was the one where Uncle Iroh sang Leaves from the Vine while other characters all placed pictures of their lost loved ones onstage. How was this skit received? Is this something that shouldn't have been in the masquerade? Just interested in people's thoughts.
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Funeral Portraits skit

Post by Sayoria »

It was great. I actually felt really sad about it. Seems like something I would have thought up. I love bittersweet things like that. For that, it was one of my favorite skits to be honest.
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Funeral Portraits skit

Post by meerkat »

It actually caught my attention and kept it, I thought it was an excellent concept. certain things could have been improved upon--printed pictures instead of paintings for one--but otherwise it was good and very moving.
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Funeral Portraits skit

Post by Kiarrens »

I loved this. You so rarely see drama skits at anime conventions. The fact that they were paintings added to it IMHO.
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Funeral Portraits skit

Post by Kyncha »

[quote=Kiarrens]I loved this. You so rarely see drama skits at anime conventions. The fact that they were paintings added to it IMHO.[/quote]


Had to be one of my favorites :'3 definitely made me go "awwww" while watching it.
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Funeral Portraits skit

Post by Salith »

I really did love this skit. It was wonderful. I actually liked that the pictures were drawings, especially since it added to an even more personal touch.It's nice to see a more drama filled skit once in a while even though it was sad.
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Funeral Portraits skit

Post by NorfKhazad »

I absolutely loved this skit. You had a great concept and you executed it well. This is probably the first drama skit I've seen that I really liked. If I had to give one criticism it would be that the one singing didn't quite get the words right. That's just a pet peeve of mine, but the skit was so unique and well done that it hardly bothered me at all.
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Funeral Portraits skit

Post by xorlia »

I LOVED this skit. I cried like the big mush I am. It was certainly different from other skits I had seen in the past...fantastic job!
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Funeral Portraits skit

Post by LusciousGrapes »

The s-cry-ed bit made me cry. I love that series.

However, the entire skit itself was fantastic. Actually, I thought all the skits were pretty good this year. Great job, guys!
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Funeral Portraits skit

Post by Suna Sato »

OMG i cried!!!! that was depressing!!!!
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Funeral Portraits skit

Post by Fyrii »

Loved it, so sad and different from other skits (which are usually action / comedy based).

And the part that got me was right when Iroh stopped singing and just sat there- the whole audience was silent and I started tearing up XD
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Re: Funeral Portraits skit

Post by madman1502 »

I loved it. I actually went onto youtube just to see it again. And I cried both times I saw it.
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Re: Funeral Portraits skit

Post by Sherlock-sensei »

I loved it, it was unexpected and really got to everyone because of how many different anime the characters came from. The paintings also made it so personal to each character. I had to go find the song as soon as I got home.
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